DO 37, s. 1991 – Amendments to DECS Order No. 51, s. 1987 (Moratorium on the Establishment of New College, Opening of Tertiary Curriculum Programs, and the Conversion of Schools/Colleges to Colleges/Universities)

March 27, 1991
DO 37, s. 1991
Amendments to DECS Order No. 51, s. 1987 (Moratorium on the Establishment of New College, Opening of Tertiary Curriculum Programs, and the Conversion of Schools/Colleges to Colleges/Universities)
To:    Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Presidents, State  Colleges and Universities
Heads  of Private  Schools, Colleges and Universities
Vocational School Superintendents/ Administrators
Heads of Community Colleges/ Universities
1.   A study recently conducted by the Bureau of Higher Education shows that in spite of DECS Order No. 51, s. 1987, certain unanticipated difficulties have seriously affected efforts to reverse the continuous proliferation of non-priority and substandard higher education courses. It is imperative that the period of effectivity of the moratorium be extended in the meantime that medium and long-term measures are being developed aimed at improving the overall quality of higher education in the country.
2.   In view of this, there is a need to clarify and strengthen DECS Order No. 51, s. 1987. Accordingly, this Office hereby issues the following amendments to the grant of exemption from the moratorium:
                a.   Special cases are exceptions to the moratorium may be recommended by the Regional Directors after considering (1) the distance between higher education institutions within the service area offering the same course or courses as is/are applied for by a school; (2) the demand for the course(s) based on national and regional manpower needs to ensure the effective placement of graduates; (3) the population density within the geographical area where the school is located; and (4) the capability and readiness of the applicant – school to operate and maintain at least four-year capital intensive courses.
                b. Recommendations for exemption from the moratorium shall be limited to priority courses both in the undergraduate and graduate levels which shall be on a regional basis as may be identified and published by the National Manpower and Youth Council and other agencies or instrumentalities of manpower planning.
3.   However, no new institution of higher learning, whether government owned/supervised or private, shall be established and no existing government or private college shall be converted to university until the moratorium shall have been lifted.
4.   The moratorium, shall, likewise, apply to (a) the upgrading and/or continuation of one-, two-, or three-year courses to four- or five-year baccalaureate courses; (b) courses without approved policies and standards; (c) schools operating courses under Government Permit; and (d) one-, two-, or three- year courses that are part of four- or five-year degree courses.
5.   Higher education institutions shall submit their requests for exemption from the moratorium in duplicate to the DECS Regional Office (DECSRO) concerned not later than March 31 of the year before the course(s) is/are to be operated, and special cases recommended for exemption shall be forwarded to this Office within (30) days after receipt thereof.
6.   Each request for exemption from the moratorium shall be signed by the school head and shall be supported by (a) a resolution of the school’s governing board on the proposal to operate a new course duly certified by the Board/Corporate Secretary, (b) a copy of the feasibility study, and (c) the proposed curriculum.
7.   A school may apply for authority (Government Permit) to operate a course only after exemption from the moratorium has been granted by the Secretary of Education, Culture and Sports upon the recommendation of the Board of Higher Education.
8.   All previous issuances or provisions thereof which are inconsistent with this Order are hereby suspended and/or repealed accordingly.
9.   This Order shall take effect immediately.


                                                                                                                      ( SGD. ) EDNA F. FORMILLEZA


DECS Order : (No. 51, s. 1987)


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