DO 60, s. 1991 – Guidelines for Implementation of the College Faculty Development Fund Program Under RA 6728, SY 1991-1992

May 30, 1991
DO 60, s. 1991
Guidelines for Implementation of the College Faculty Development Fund Program Under RA 6728, SY 1991-1992
To:   Regional Directors
Heads of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities
1.   Declaration of Policy
      For the purpose of improving the quality of teaching in higher education, Republic Act 6728 has established a College Faculty Development Fund to provide for scholarship for graduate degrees an non-degree workshops and seminars for faculty members in private colleges and universities.
2.   Coverage
       a.   Faculty members of private colleges and universities shall be the beneficiaries of the program.
       b.   This program shall consist of full-time and part-time scholarships, thesis/dissertation writing grants, and assistance for workshops and seminars.
3.     Basis of Assignment of Slots
       Slots for scholarships and grants-in-aid shall be distributed according to the needs of the region and on the aggregate number of faculty members of private higher education institutions per region offering the following priority courses : the natural sciences, technology and mathematics.
4.   Financial Assistance
       a.   An amount of P7,250.00 per semester and P5,500.00 per summer of P20,000 per school year is allocated for a beneficiary pursuing the masteral or doctoral programs. (See Inclosure No. 1 for breakdown of the figures.)
       b.   For part-time beneficiaries in the masteral/doctoral degree programs, the amount used shall be determined by the load they carry for the semester/summer. This shall not exceed, however, the amount of P16,000.00 per year.
       c.   An amount of P20,000.00 is allocated for a faculty grantee with an approved proposal who shall enroll in either thesis or dissertation writing. This allocation covers tuition and other fees, materials, living allowance, and transportation expenses.
5.   Successful applicants of the college faculty development fund program shall enroll only in any of the tertiary institutions with accredited programs or in state colleges/universities with good track record, preferably in their regions.
6.   Guidelines
       The guidelines for the program are provided in the various inclosure, as follows :
       Inclosure 1
                1.1   Program offerings for the College Faculty Development Fund Program
                1.2   Terms of assistance ( a breakdown of the figures)
                1.3   Qualifications of candidates
1.4   Requirements
       Inclosure 2 –  Process of Selection
       Inclosure 3 –  Program Management and Supervision
       Inclosure 4 –  Obligations of Faculty Beneficiaries
       Inclosure 5 –  Suggested Leader Schools
       Inclosure 6 –  List of Recipient Private Institutions per Region
       Inclosure 7 –  Distribution of Slots per Region
       Inclosure 8 –  Application Form
7.   Effectivity
       The College Faculty Development Fund Program shall take effect starting school year 1991-1992. This thesis/dissertation grant for masteral/doctoral candidates shall be given priority in its implementation.
8.    Immediate and wide dissemination of this Order to all concerned is hereby enjoined.
                                                                                                                     ( SGD. ) EDNA F. FORMILLEZA
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DECS Order:  No. 120, s. 1990
Allotment :  1-4– (M.O. 1-87)
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