DO 81, s. 1991 – Implementing Guidelines for the Schoolbuilding Program of the Secondary Education Development Project (SEDP)

July 18, 1991
DO 81, s. 1991
Implementing Guidelines for the Schoolbuilding Program of the Secondary Education Development Project (SEDP)
To:   Undersecretaries
Director of Secondary Education
Regional Directors
Executive Director-EDPITAF1.   In order to speed up the execution of the Physical Facilities component (Schoolbuilding program) of SEDP, the document containing the Implementing Guidelines will be made available for implementation of all concerned.2.   This set of guidelines primarily covers the implementation systems and procedures for the bidding and  construction of batches 4 and 5 and the completion of batches 1, 2, and 3 of the SEDP Schoolbuilding packages. The guidelines define the activities to be undertaken and the specific responsibilities of the parties concerned within the operational scope of program for implementation.

3.   EDPITAF, as the executing agency of the Project, shall be assisted by the project management consultant group of Coronel, Aliling and Associates, Inc. (CORAL) in overseeing its overall implementation.

4.   To be able to fast track the implementation of batches 4 and 5 and the completion of the remaining sites under batches 1, 2, and 3, the following measures and strategies are formulated and must be immediately enforced:

a.   The creation of the Ad-Hoc Executive Committee which shall be tasked to address the problems of delayed projects thru corrective or preventive measures of batches 1 to 5. This committee is composed of the following:
Chairman: EDPITAF Executive Director
Members: Rep., Architectural and Engineering Services Team (AEST)
Rep., Finance and Administrative Services Team (FAST)
Rep., Central PBAC
Rep., Central CORAL
Special Assistant to the Secretary
b.   The functional organizational chart as shown in the aforementioned guidelines is composed of two main groups: The EDPITAF Project management Group. The main functions of the EDPITAF Project Management Group are to provide architectural/engineering services and to monitor the accomplishments at the central level. The Regional Construction management Group shall be fully responsible for the construction implementation of the school buildings. (The other details are shown in the Functional Organizational Chart.)
c.   The decentralization scheme of implementation will be adopted. The DECSRO, thru its RPBAC, shall be responsible for the prequalification, bidding, evaluation, and resolution to award. ( Because the Regional Director will approve the Resolution to award, it may be necessary for some regions to reconstitute the RPBAC making the Assistant Regional Director as the chairman). The DECSRO will also be directly responsible for the supervision of construction thru the Regional Construction Managers (RCMs) and the Resident Engineers (Res). The Regional CORAL Engineer will render assistance for the aforesaid phases of implementation work.
d.   The Regional Construction Managers (RCMs) and the Regional CORAL Engineers will be involved in the RPBAC work either as members of the Committee or as part of the Technical Staff of the Committee. The RCMs, the REs, and the PFCs shall report directly to the Regional Director.
e.   The AEST based at EDPITAF will serve as the communications center and clearinghouse of all papers relating to the construction implementation of the SEDP construction of batches 1 to 5. Henceforth, all communications requiring attention or action from the DECS Central Office must be addressed to the AEST thru the PMU-SEDP of EDPITAF.
f.   All papers must be acted upon by all concerned parties at the central and regional levels in the most expeditious manner.
g.   Documents requiring signature/s of the concerned officials must be done within two hours upon receipt. On the other hand , documents/papers requiring processing prior to a decision or action must be acted on by the responsible party within two days at most. Any development that could cause delay must be reported immediately to the AEST thru the PMU-SEDP of EDPITAF.

5.   The project timetable is as follows:

Activity Responsible Part Completion
a. Provide Initial Plans to RCMs    Special Assistant July 12, 1991
b. Complete site appraisal/location plan approved    RCMs/Regional Director August 3, 1991
c. Submission of Revised Plans/Technical Specs    Architect thru Special Assitant July 18, 1991
d. Preparation of Bid Documents; Reproduction: transmittal to DECSROs    AEST July 23, 1991
e. Issuance of Bid Documents to Bidders    RPBAC August 6, 1991
f. Pre-Bid Conference    RPBAC August 13, 1991
g. Bidding    RPBAC August 20, 1991
h. Evaluation of Bids    RPBAC August 21-30, 1991
i. Approval of resolution to Award and Notice of Award    RD/ RPBAC September 7, 1991
j. Issuance of Notice to Proceed    RPBAC September 22, 1991
k. Construction Completion    DECSRO February 21, 1992

6.   The Regional Director must immediately meet the RPBAC, the Regional Construction Manager, the Physical Facilities Coordinator and CORAL Regional Manager to orient them of the contents of the guidelines and discuss the priority activities that require immediate action.

7.   This Order shall take effect immediately.

                                                                                                                   (SGD.) ISIDRO D. CARINO                                                                                                                                        Secretary

Reference: DECS Order: No. 6, s. 1990
Allotment: 1—(M.O. 1-87)
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