DO 93, s. 1991 – Addendum to DECS Order No. 63, s. 1989 (Revitalizing the School Health and Nutrition Programs)

August 9, 1991
DO 93, s. 1991
Addendum to DECS Order No. 63, s. 1989 (Revitalizing the School Health and Nutrition Programs)
To:   Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents1.   In conformity with the existing regional organizational setup and to effect closer coordination and effective implementation of health and nutrition programs and projects at the division level, a Health and Nutrition Section shall be organized in every school division under the direct supervision of the Schools Division Superintendent.2.   The Section shall be composed of the Medical Officer who will be designated as Head; Dentists, Public Health Nurses, and Dental Aides as members. In divisions where there are more than one Medical Officer, the Section Head shall be chosen from among the medical officers, taking into consideration over-all performance, length of service, and commitment to duty. Where there is no Medical Officer, the Dentists in-Charge shall be designated as Head. Those who held Senior Dentist positions prior to the reorganization shall remain as Dentist in-Charge and those divisions without such position shall choose one to coordinate the dental activities. A Nurse Coordination shall, likewise, be designated to coordinate nursing activities.

3.   The specific functions of the Division Health and Nutrition Section within the area of general supervision are the following:

  • Plans and coordinates the effective implementation of the health and nutrition programs and projects;
  • Initiates/Conducts staff development activities to upgrade competencies of personnel;
  • Monitors and evaluates the health and nutrition program and projects;
  • Conducts action researches to improve strategies in program implementation;
  • Provides regular feedback relative to school health and nutritional status and related situations to the Division Working Committee on Health and Nutrition particularly the Education Supervisors in Health Nutrition/
  • Acts as Secretariat to the Division Working Committee on Health and Nutrition;
  • Prepares/Submits all pertinent reports; and
  • Establishes active linkages with other local government, and non-government organizations.
4.   In addition to the Section Head’s duties and responsibilities as stipulated in the School Health Program Manual, he/she is tasked to perform the following, in consultation with the other members of the Section:
  • Plans specific  activities and targets for the various programs and projects
  • Oversees the effective and efficient implementation of all health and nutrition projects
  • Monitors and evaluates the performance of Section personnel vis-à-vis planned targets
  • Represent the Section during division staff meetings
  • Insures the prompt submission of required reports
  • Coordinates/Collaborates closely with other local government and non-government agencies.

5.   The Health and Nutrition Section shall work closely with the Division Working Committee on Health and Nutrition, particularly with Education Supervisors for Health, Nutrition/Home Economics, Agriculture, and Nonformal Education. Health and nutrition education and related fields, being the main responsibilities of these supervisors, should be made more meaningful and relevant by maximizing the use of available current pertinent data. Curriculum enrichment activities undertaken by the health and nutrition personnel should be properly coordinated with the aforementioned supervisors to supplement the content of health and nutrition instruction.6.    Immediate dissemination of and compliance with this Order is desired.

                (SGD.) ISIDRO D. CARINO
Reference: DECS Order: (No. 63, s. 1989)
Allotment: 1-2—(M.O. 1-87)
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