DO 115, s. 1991 – Implementing Guidelines for the CY 1991 Supplemental Elementary School Building Program

October 7, 1991
DO 115, s. 1991
Implementing Guidelines for the CY 1991 Supplemental Elementary School Building Program
To: Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
1.    This refers to the CY 1991 Supplemental Elementary School Building Program (SESBP), the sub-advices of allotment of which were furnished the regions for the implementation.
2.   The SESBP, as an integral part of the CY 1991 School Building Program, lists the number of the elementary school recipients and the corresponding units of classrooms to be constructed and completed on or before January 15, 1992.
3.   A budget of P600million has been appropriated for the nationwide implementation of the SESBP consisting of 2,280 classroom units located in 1,355 elementary school sites.
4.   To ensure completion on schools of the program within budget cost and in accordance with the approved plans and specifications, those concerned are hereby enjoined to comply with the following guidelines/instructions:
a.   The decentralized scheme of the implementation, like in the first stage of CY 1991 SBP, shall be adopted. The regional directors shall be held responsible and fully accountable in their respective areas of the responsibities.
b.   Copies of the detailed implementing guidelines used in the CY 1991 Regular School Building Program shall be made available to all concerned in the implementation of the SESBP for their guidance and compliance.
c.   The regional or division office shall secure and provide site/location plans/sketches for all projects listed in the SESBP.
d.   All projects except the two (2) storey school buildings may be undertaken by administration or negotiated contract as authorized by the Office of the President per their letter Ref. No. 9109-1080 dated September 27, 1991, copy attached. Two (2) storey projects shall be undertaken thru public biddings.
e.   The AAE shall be prepared in the regional offices. The CORAL Engineers will prepare the direct costs, while the regional directors will indicate the markup which shall range between 15%-22% depending on the site conditions and other factors affecting the indirect cost of the project.
f.   The AAE shall serve as the ceiling price for all projects whether bidded, negotiated or by administration. In no case shall any projects cost higher than AAE.
g.   As soon as the Advice of Allotments (AA) is received, the regional office shall immediately implement the projects, whether bidded, negotiated or by administration.
h.   The projects timetable is as follows:
(1)   For projects Administration or Negotiated Contracts
(a)   Preparations by DECSRO of the list of prequalified contractors from CY 1991 SBP as well as copies of Plans, Specifications, and Bill of Quantities.
(b)   Preparation and submission of Site/Location Plans (Sketches) for all projects.
(c)   Negotiation with selected contractor October 14, 1991
(d)   Award Contract/Issue Notice to Proceed/Notice Award October 17, 1991
(e)   Start of Construction October 21, 1991
(f)   Construction completion, on or before March 27, 1991
(2) For bidded projects:
(a)   Preparations by DECSRO of the list of prequalified contractors from CY 1991 SBP as well as copies of Plans, Specifications, and Bill of Quantities.
(b)   Preparation and submission of Site/Location Plans (Sketches) for all projects.
(c) Invitation to Bid
(d)   Preparation/Issuance of Bid Document. Prospective bidders direct from the office of E.L. Mariano & Associates, Inc., located at SOL Building, Amorsolo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati, Metro Manila. Bid Document shall cost P3,000.00 per set. The Regional Director shall issue letters to authorization to prequalified contractors to allow them to secure Bid Documents from ELMA.
(e)   Pre-Bid Conference October 14, 1991
(f)   Bidding October 17, 1991
(g)   Evaluation of Bids/Resolution to Award/Notice of Award. October 21, 1991
(h)   Award Contract/Issuance of Notice to Proceed October 24, 1991
(i)   Start of Construction October 27, 1991
(j)   Construction Completion, on or before March 27, 1992
i.   To be able to fast-track the implementation of the SESBP from its inception to its completion, an executive committee at the Central Office and an adhoc regional committee in every DESCRO shall be created.
(1)   The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the expeditiously acting on all matters concerning SESBP referred to the Central Office. All communications on these matters shall be coursed thru the said Committee. It shall be composed of the following:
Chairman: Special Assistant to the Secretary
Members: Representative, Finance and Administrative Service
Representative, Central PBAC
Representative, CORAL Head Office
(2) The adhoc regional committee shall be tasked to address the problems arising from the implementation of SESBP through corrective and/or preventive measures and shall act promptly on matters within the DESCRO sphere of the following:
Chairman: The Assistant Regional Directors
Members: Physical Facilities Coordinator
Budget or Administrative Officer
Representative, CORAL Regional Office
j.   All papers/documents must be acted upon accordingly by all concerned parties at the central and/or regional levels in the most expeditious manner.
k.   The regional and division office are advised to confer and closely coordinate with COA representatives whenever possible. COA auditing rules and regulations shall be complied with.
l. In order to expedite payments to contractors, suppliers and “pakyaw” contractors, the regional directors may transfer funds from the regional office to the division level under the custody of the division superintendent.
m.   Regional Directors/Schools Superintendents concerned shall prepare and submit to the office of USEC Baltazar the Summary of Expenditures (SOE) for all completed projects under the regular CY 1991 SBP so that the full amount of the Supplement Budget allocated for the region may be released.
n.   Variation Orders are not allowed. Plans and Specifications must be carefully studied in order to identify inconsistencies, conflicts, etc. All variations including those attributable to site conditions must be included in the bidder’s price.
o.   There shall be no price escalation. These projects are of short duration only.
p.   Project delays shall not be tolerated. The DECSRO shall unilaterally take over the construction works and “CALL” the contractor’s performance bond once slippage exceeds negative 10%.
q.   In accomplishment report, all defective works that have been corrected shall not be included and must not be paid. Uninstalled materials shall not be credited as part of the progress accomplishment. The owner’s cost breakdown (not that of the contractor’s) shall be used as basis of accomplishment report. Progress photo shall be included in the submittals. The SOPIC, concerned shall certify to the correctness of the accomplishment report.
r.   Partial release of the retention money shall not be allowed. Total retention money shall be paid only after the Certificate of Inspection and Acceptance has been signed by the SOPIC, CORAL representative and approved by the Regional Manager.
s.   In addition to the required documents as listed, the contractor shall submit request for final payment together with the as-built plans and pictures of the complete building with the SOPIC concerned posing in front thereof. Expenses for the plans and pictures shall be for the account of the contractor.
t.   Upon receipt of these guidelines, the regional directors shall meet immediately with the RPBAC, the Physical Facilities Coordinator, the CORAL Regional Manager and other involved personnel in their respective regions to orient them of the content of this directive and discuss the priority activities that require immediate action.
5.   This Order shall apply take effect immediately. Strict compliance is hereby enjoined.
Reference:   Nos. 22, s. 1990, and 27 and 28, s. 1991
Allotment:   1-2—(M.O. 1-87)
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