DO 122, s. 1991 – Guidelines for Textbooks Adoption for Private Elementary and Secondary Schools

November 5, 1991
DO 122, s. 1991
Guidelines for Textbooks Adoption for Private Elementary and Secondary Schools
To:   Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Heads of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities
1.   Executive Order No. 806, dated May 27, 1982, created a Textbook Council, renamed the Instructional Materials Council, under the administrative supervision of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports with the primary responsibility of formulating policy on the adoption and selection of textbook, supplementary and reference books for use in the public elementary and secondary schools, as well as the approval of textbooks for private elementary and secondary schools.
2.   In view of the foregoing mandate and to insure the maximized use in private elementary and secondary schools of prescribed textbooks, the following guidelines for textbook adoption are hereby issued:
a.   The list of textbooks adopted for the different subject areas in each grade/year level should be submitted to the Regional Office for its guidance and information. The attached form should be used for the purpose.
b.   The textbooks adopted should be used for a period of at least 6 years effective SY 1991-1992.
c.   The content of the textbooks may be updated out only after the third year of their use and upon the approval by the DECS Regional Office.
d.   The following sanctions will be imposed after due process, on school officials who violate the foregoing guidelines:
(1)   First Offense – Refund of the students’ money and forfeiture of the books;
(2)   Second Offense – Fine of not less than P2,000 per violation; and
(3)   Third Offense – Closure of the school
3.   This Order rescinds DECS Order No. 36, s. 1990.

4.   Dissemination of this Order to all concerned is desired for their information and guidance.

Reference:   DECS Order: ( no. 36, s. 1990)
Allotment: 1-2-4—(M.O. 1-87)
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