DO 128, s. 1991 – Procedures and Guidelines for the Availment of the Property Replacement Fund

November 18, 1991
DO 128, s. 1991
Procedures and Guidelines for the Availment of the Property Replacement Fund
To:   Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Presidents, State Colleges and Universities
Vocational School Superintendents/Administrators
1.   It has been observed that several requests by DECS field offices have not been given due course by the Government Service Insurance System Property Replacement Fund because they have not been completely complied with the claims requirement and documentation. Joint Circular No. 1-90 dated October 11, 1990 of both the Government Service Insurance System and the Department of Budget, copy attached, prescribes certain procedures for the availment of the property replacement fund.2.   Type of calamities which can be considered for availment under the Property Replacement Fund:
a.   Fire of any nature except arson
b.   Typhoon or tropical depression duly recorded by PAGASA
c.   Flood or any entry of water from without due inundation of land not usually covered by water, extraordinary high tide, typhoon, cyclone, windstorm, bursting or overflowing of rivers, reservoirs, canals, and dikes
d.   Earthquake or fire duly recorded by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology (PHILVOLCS) as a result of the normal and extraordinary movement of the erath or volcanic eruption duly recorded by PAGASA.
3.   A request for restoration/indemnification of damage or loss of property shall be submitted to the PRF, GSIS, by the agency using herein attached Notice of Claim signed and sworn to by the head of agency, not later than ninety (90) days after the damage or loss. Thereafter, no claims shall be entertained. This request shall reflect the following:
a.   Name and description of the property
b.   Location of the property
c.   Time and cause of the loss or damage
d.   Amount of the loss or damage
e.   Description of the loss or damage
f.   Supporting papers:
(a)   Proof of ownership of the property
(b)   For loss or damage to buildings, a report of loss prepared by the district engineer of the Department of Public Works, with the concurrence of the building administrator or head of agency.
(c)   Police report.
4.   Representatives of adjusment companies assigned by the GSIS to assess the costs of actual damages to school buildings and other DECS properties should be provided the necessary information and assistance. This will facilitate the completion of their work which would in turn to lead to amore expeditious payment of the claim by the GSIS out of the PRF. These payments shall be made directly to either DECS field offices or ondividual schools.
5.   For the information and guidance of all concerned.
Incl.:   As stated
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Allotment:   1-2-3–(M.O. 1-37)
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