May 26, 1992 – DO 55, s. 1992 – Ensuring That Teachers under Full Teaching Duties during School Days

May 26, 1992
DO 55, s. 1992
Ensuring That Teachers under Full Teaching Duties during School Days

To: Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Vocational School Superintendents/Administrators
District Supervisors, Principals and Head Teachers
Public School Teachers

  1. It has come to the attention of the undersigned that many teachers, particularly those assigned in remote barangays, travel to their teaching stations only on Mondays and leave on Fridays, thus depriving their pupils of the benefits of full classroom instruction. This practice aggravates the already poor quality of education existing in the depressed, disadvantaged and underserved rural areas.
  2. It is therefore hereby directed that regional directors, schools superintendents, district supervisors, principals and head teachers take concrete measures to ensure that their respective teachers strictly adhere to the requirements of a full work week. Such measures shall include regular monitoring of teachers’ attendance, particularly in remote barangay schools.
  3. It is, likewise, ordered that each school shall maintain an Attendance Bulletin Board wherein the names of all school officials, teachers and personnel are written in big, bold letters and their presence, absence or whereabouts is noted everyday. Such Attendance Bulletin Board shall be placed in a conspicuous place near the entrance to the school for purposes of convenient monitoring by school officials and barangay and community leaders.
  4. School officials shall, likewise, consult regularly with barangay and community leaders and parent teacher association officers to monitor the regular attendance of their teachers.
  5. It is hereby reminded that under Civil Service Commission Memorandum Circular No. 30 s. 1989, “frequent unauthorized absences from duty during regular office hours” as well as “gross neglect of duty” are classified as grave offenses which call for penalties of suspension for six months to outright dismissal from the service. Teachers who incur such absences, and school officials who tolerate them shall be held equally liable for the abovementioned offenses.
  6. For the guidance and strict compliance of all concerned, it is desired that this Order be immediately disseminated.

References: DECS Orders: Nos. 18 and 72, s. 1991
DECS Memorandum: No. 101, s. 1992
Allotment: 1-2-3—(M.O. 1-87)

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