June 22, 1994 – DO 41, s. 1994 – Revised Guidelines on Field Supervision Amended by DO 22, s. 1996 – Selective Restoration of the District Supervisor Position in Divisions/Districts Where they are Deemed Necessary DO 36, s. 1998 – Updated Guidelines on Field Supervision

June 22, 1994
DO 41, s. 1994
Revised Guidelines on Field Supervision

To: Undersecretaries, Assistant Secretaries, Bureau Directors
Regional Directors, Division Superintendents
All Other Officials Concerned

  1. Statement of policy. It is DECS policy to develop a more responsive administrative structure by minimizing the number of supervisory levels from its previous five to its present four, consistent with adequate instructional supervision at division and lower levels. Towards these end, the follow¬ing Revised Guidelines on Field Supervision are hereby promulgated.
  2. Division Supervisors Positions. The Division Supervisor position which was earlier declared co-terminous with the incumbent, under DECS Order No. 110, s. 1991 is hereby restored to its original status, subject to the following guidelines.
  3. There shall be a maximum of nine division supervisors in a staff capacity per school divi¬sion to be assigned to the following subjects or areas: (1) English, (2) Filipino, (3) Science, (4) Mathematics, (5) Araling Panlipunan, (6) Physical Education, Health, Music and the Arts, (7) Technology, Home Economics and Livelihood Education, (8) Values Education and Guidance, and (9) Non-Formal Education. All other division supervisor positions in areas not covered in the above-mentioned listing shall be merged and/or combined with related subjects or areas. Specifically, the former areas of (a) Research and Evaluation, and (b) Private Schools shall be discontinued. On the other hand, very large Divisions may be entitled to an additional supervisor for the critical areas of English, Filipino, Mathematics and Science.
  4. District Supervisors and Revised Field Level Administration. The decision to phase out the position of District Supervisor by declaring it as co-terminous as contained in DECS Order No. 110 s. 1991 shall remain in effect, subject to the following guidelines.
  5. Incumbent district supervisors shall continue to supervise the schools within their respective districts, and shall represent DECS in the Local School Board, as provided under the Local Government Code. When a district supervisor is reassigned, promoted, or separated from the service, the following guidelines on supervision of schools in the affected municipality shall apply.
  6. In order to facilitate the phaseout of district supervisor positions, incumbent district supervisors are encouraged to transfer to vacant division supervisor positions, provided they meet the qualification standards for such positions.
  7. Coordinating Principal. As a general principle, all school principals and heads of schools shall report directly to the division superintendent, and all such heads of schools shall exercise full authority over, and shall be fully accountable for, the effective operation of their respective schools. In recognition, however, of the need for effective coordination as well as to minimize the disruption and expense in the attendance of meetings by school heads, a Coordinating Principal shall be designated in the municipality, who shall be the principal of the central school with the largest enrollment in the municipality, and shall have the following additional duties and functions:
    7.1. Represent DECS as co chairman of the Municipal School Board as provided in the Local Government Code, where the position of the district supervisor has been phased out, without prejudice to inviting a specific principal or principals involved in a Board agenda item;
    7.2. Coordinate those common activities affecting the schools in his district;
    7.3. Collect, consolidate and submit reports affecting the schools in his municipality;
    7.4. Perform such other coordinative tasks as may be assigned by the division superintendent. In the case of multi-district municipalities, any remaining district supervisor shall be designated by the division superintendent to supervise a district without any incumbents.
  8. Regional Directors and Schools Superintendents shall conform with these guidelines and shall monitor their proper implementation. Salary savings generated from phased-out district supervisor positions may be utilized to provide for additional assistant superintendent and principal positions, or upgrading of the latter, subject to existing approval procedures.
  9. This Order shall lake effect immediately. Appointments of Division Supervisors shall be issued by Regional Directors upon receipt of the Personnel Services Itemization (PSI) approved by the Department of Budget and Management, showing the number of division supervisor positions allocated for each division.

Reference: DECS Order (No. 110, s. 1991)
Allotment: 1-2–(M.O. 1-87)

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