August 14, 1995 – DO 49, s. 1995 – Directing Information Campaign on Hazing Regulation Law


August 14, 1995
DO 49, s. 1995
Directing Information Campaign on Hazing Regulation Law

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Directors of Services/Centers and Heads of Units
Presidents, State Colleges and Universities
Heads of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities Offering Elementary and High School Programs

  1. It is directed that an information campaign among pupils and students of all public and private elementary and high schools be conducted in order to notify them of the pertinent provisions of R.A. 8049, “An Act Regulating Hazing and Other Forms of Initiation Rites in Fraternities, Sororities and Organizations and Providing Penalties Therefor”, copy inclosed.
  2. Attention must be drawn on three significant provisions of R.A. 8049, namely:
    1. the requirement of prior written notice before the conduct of such initiation;
    2. the presence of the head of the school or organization or their representatives during the initiation; and
    3. the liabilities of the officers and members of the organization should the person subjected to hazing or other forms of initiation suffer any physical injury or dies as a result thereof.
  3. The information drive shall be made through the conduct of seminars or workshops and shall include the distribution of primers as well as posting of information materials in bulletin boards or other prominent places in the school campus. A report of school activities to be conducted for school year 1995-1996 with respect to this information campaign shall be submitted to the respective DECS division offices on or before August 31, 1995. Regional summary reports shall be sent to the Office of the Secretary (Attention: Undersecretary Erlinda C. Pefianco) not later than September 8, 1995.
  4. For immediate and strict compliance.

As stated
DECS Order: No. 20, s. 1991
Allotment: 1-2-3-4—(M.O 1-87)

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