November 23, 1995 – DO 71, s. 1995 – Establishment of the DECS Center for Enterprise Development (CEND)


November 23, 1995
DO 71, s. 1995
Establishment of the DECS Center for Enterprise Development (CEND)

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Presidents, State Colleges and Universities
Vocational School Superintendents/Administrators

  1. DIRECTIVES AND SUGGESTIONS. On various occasions, His Excellency President Fidel V. Ramos has issued directives for the enhanced promotion of government productivity and personnel welfare – the latest of which was issued on 14 September during the 1995 Civil Service Week Celebration, as may be found under ANNEX A.
    Further, a number of legislators have suggested during recent budget hearings, the setting up of mechanisms to provide additional incentives to DECS personnel, including but not limited to, the establishment by DECS personnel of teachers cooperatives of business enterprises which can supply basic school requirements like flags, chairs, tables, blackboards, chalks, erasers, uniforms and even canteen services for students.
  2. RESPONSE. In line with such directives and suggestions and in consonance with related DECS’ institutional strengthening activities, the DECS CENTER FOR ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT (CEND) is hereby established.
  3. INITIAL IMPLEMENTING GUIDELINES FOR CEND. The following guidelines are herein issued to govern the initial organization and operations of CEND:
    3.1 OBJECTIVE. CEND is established primarily to serve as the DECS coordinating and support arm in the establishment of business enterprises or teachers cooperatives in various parts of the country for the purpose of generating supplemental funds or income for DECS and its personnel thus promoting, not only personnel welfare and productivity, but also, a “Spirit of Enterprise” for DECS and its personnel.
    3.2 ORGANIZATION. In the interim, CEND shall be managed by a Committee
    composed of the DECS in-house resource management consultants with Senior Strategic Consultant CRISOSTOMO F. ABANES as Committee Chairman. The Committee shall be supervised by an Advisory council composed of Undersecretary ALEJANDRO W,D. CLEMENTE and all heads of offices under his direction and supervision, with the former as Council Chairman.
    Technical staff support for CEND shall be provided by technical personnel “seconded” from the different offices directed and supervised by the office of Undersecretary Clemente, and if found necessary, by contractual hired for the purpose.
    CEND shall be organizationally located under the Office of the DECS Secretary.
    3.3. MARKETING. CEND shall principally provide advisory services to business enterprises or cooperatives that may be organized by the DECS or its personnel in various parts of the country.
    To facilitate business interactions and exchanges of information, CEND shall coordinate the establishment of an “Entrepreneurs Forum” in each of the field offices of the DECS. As a starting point, all recipients of Teachers Cooperative Funds are hereby directed to submit their Reports of Operation to the Office of the Secretary, Attention: CEND.
    In addition to providing advisory services, CEND may on its own also establish business enterprises or cooperatives which will create beneficial impact to DECS aid its personnel on a nationwide scale.
    3.4 PRODUCTION. Related research, market analysis or advisory’ report preparations and distributions, and extensive networking and interactions with related private business and government support organizations shall be undertaken by CEND.
    CEND shall hold office in any available office space within the DECS Compound, to be refurbished and equipped accordingly. It shall maintain in the said office an “Entrepreneurs Lounge” as a readily available and convenient space for needed business interactions or information exchanges.
    3.5 FINANCE. Personnel, maintenance, operating and other expenses to be incurred by CEND shall be drawn from savings of funds appropriated for the promotion of productivity and personnel welfare, or from any other available funds appropriated for the purpose. As soon as CEND and/or its subsidiaries shall have gained financial strength from its operations, financial support from DECS budget shall be withdrawn gradually.
    3.6 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT. On a parallel and continuing basis, CEND shall undertake activities directed to ensuring that all business enterprises or cooperatives established by it or DECS personnel will sustain a high level of productive and profitable operations and governed by a high sense of business ethics.
    For this purpose, the Management Committee (MANCOM) of CEND shall provide the DECS Executive Committee with a progress report or briefing of its operations on a monthly basis or as needed.
    3.7 WORK AND FINANCIAL PLAN. Immediately after the CEND Office shall have been firmly put in place a Quarterly Work and Financial Plan to govern CEND’s succeeding operations will be submitted by CEND MANCOM to the DECS Executive Committee for its approval, prior to the release of any additional fund support.
  4. SUCCEEDING IMPLEMENTING GUIDELINES. Other guidelines to enhance or revise those initially set will be issued as the need arises.
  5. EFFECTIVTTY AND COMPLIANCE. This Order shall take effect immediately and complied with by all concerned.

Incl.: As stated
Reference: DECS Memorandum; No. 280, s. 1994
Allotment: l-2-3-(M.O. 1-87)

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