September 17, 1996 – DO 63, s. 1996 – Regular Checking of Authenticity of Personnel Records


September 17, 1996
DO 63, s. 1996
Regular Checking of Authenticity of Personnel Records

To: Undersecretaries and Asst. Secretaries
Bureau, Regional, Center and Service Directors
Schools Division and Vocational Superintendents
Heads of Schools and Units Maintaining Personnel Records

  1. Continuing complaints are received by this Office regarding the unscrupulous practices of some DECS personnel and officials who submit spurious records particularly regarding their academic credentials, civil service eligibility, birth certificates and the like for the purpose of undeserved appointment or promotion, or extension of service beyond the compulsory retirement age. Needless to stress, these practices constitute grave offenses under our civil service rules which are punishable by outright dismissal from the service, apart from criminal liability for falsification of public documents.
  2. In order to eliminate this practice, it is hereby directed that all DECS offices, units and schools who maintain personnel records shall undertake a review of the authenticity of such documents in their file on a regular basis. In cases of doubt regarding specific records, direct liaison with the Civil Service Commission, the Civil Registry Office and the universities or colleges concerned should be undertaken.
  3. All DECS central and field offices which maintain personnel records are directed to immediately undertake a special review of such records in their custody and submit a report of their findings not later than October 31, 1996. The official submitting the report shall certify that he has supervised the review and personally attest to its findings. Central and regional offices shall submit their reports to the undersigned, while division and other field offices shall submit the same to their regional directors.
  4. Henceforth, all heads of offices shall require their staff who are responsible for personnel transactions and records to regularly undertake such review and include a report of the same in their accomplishment reports.

For strict compliance.

Reference: None
Allotment; 1-2-3- (M.O. 1-87)

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