October 24, 1996 – DO 74, s. 1996 – Creating the Project Management Advisory Committee for the Third Elementary Education Project

October 24, 1996
DO 74, s. 1996
Creating the Project Management Advisory Committee for the Third Elementary Education Project

To: Undersecretaries and Assistant Secretaries
Bureau, Center and Service Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
All Others Concerned

  1. In order to respond more fully to the basic education requirements of provinces with large segments of poor families, particularly in the twenty (20) Social Reform Agenda (SRA) and six (6) Presidential Commission to Fight Poverty (PCFP) provinces, the Third Elementary Education Project (TEEP), a major Philippine Government project assisted by the World Bank and the Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund (OECF), is scheduled to commence implementation in March 1997.
  2. In preparation therefore, the TEEP Project Management Advisory Committee (PMAC) is hereby created with membership as follows:
    Chairman: TEEP Project Director
    Members: Director, Bureau of Elementary Education
    Director, Bureau of Secondary Education
    Director, Bureau of Nonformal Education
    Director, National Educators Academy of the Philippines
    Director, School Health and Nutrition Center
    Director, Educational Development Project Implementing Task Force
    Director, Learning Materials Center (upon creation)
    DECS Chief Accountant
    President, League of Municipalities of the Philippines
    President, League of Governors of the Philippines
    Representative of Parents Association
  3. The TEEP-PMAC shall perform the following functions:
    1. Provide management advice and assistance to the TEEP Project Director;
    2. Provide intra-departmental coordination in project operations and activities; and
    3. Provide venue for articulating local government, community and parental perspectives and concerns and incorporate the same to guide the operations of the project.
  4. The TEEP-PMAC is directed to convene immediately to assist the TEEP-PISU as created under DECS Memorandum No. 148, s. 1995, in pre-implementation activities.
  5. Immediate dissemination of this Order is desired for the compliance and guidance of all concerned.

Reference: DECS Memorandum: (No. 148, s. 1995)
Allotment: 1-2-—(M.O. 1-87)

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