March 14, 1997 – DO 30, s. 1997 – Guidelines on Participation of Disabled Athletes in the Special Games of the 1997 Palarong Pambansa

March 14, 1997
DO 30, s. 1997
Guidelines on Participation of Disabled Athletes in the Special Games of the 1997 Palarong Pambansa

To: Undersecretaries and Assistant Secretaries
Bureau/Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Presidents, State Colleges and Universities
Heads of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities

  1. The 1997 Palarong Pambansa Special Games for the Disabled Special Games for the disabled athletes as provided for in DECS Order No. 61, s. 1996 shall be held at Pili, Camarines Sur on April 20-23, 1997.
  2. Policy Statement
    The DECS in consonance with the mandate of the Philippine Constitution, Presidential Proclamation No. 125, and the UNESCO International Charter in which the Philippines is a signatory, believes that participation in sports shall be made available to all, the young, the aged, the able and the disabled of both sexes.
  3. Guiding Principles
    “Sports is For All” shall be promoted in the school system for purposes of health, values development, education enjoyment and excellence.
  4. Participation Rules
    4.1 Eligibility Requirements

    1. Filipino student who is mentally and physically challenged and who is enrolled in the current school year 1996-1997 in any regular school under the Special Education (SPED) Program or in a Special School (public or private) is qualified to participate in the Special Games in all levels of competitions of the Palarong Pambansa.
    2. Participation age requirement is 13 years old and above.
    3. Athletes must have undergone prior training and coaching and actually participated in sports competitions.

    4.2 Documents Required for Eligibility

    1. Certification of enrollment with (2” x 2” I.D. pictures) duly signed by the school head/principal/director.
    2. Certification by the school head/principal/director as to the mental and physical condition of the athlete.
    3. Medical certification by a licensed government physician that the athlete is healthy and can participate in sports competitions.
    4. Parent’s/Guardian Permit.

    4.3 Participation Protocol

    1. Athletes must wear proper uniform of the team/delegation with rubber shoes and must have name tags (in big letters) pinned or sewed on their shirts.
    2. Coaches, trainers, chaperons and delegation officials shall be in proper attire.
  5. Regional Delegation
    5.1 Official delegation from each region shall be composed of:
    20 – Athletes
    5 – Coaches
    3 – Delegation Officials
    28 Total Official Delegations
    5.2 NCR may have two delegations: Metro Manila I and Metro Manila II
    5.3 The host Naga City is also allowed to participate as a separate delegation from Region V.
    5.4 The region may send a smaller delegation if there is not enough trained athletes.
    5.5 The competing delegation is given the freedom to choose the event or events based on the availability of trained athletes in the three areas of impairment (MR, HI, VI)
    5.6 Participation of each athlete is limited to: 2 individual events or 1 individual and 1 team event
  6. Events
    6.1 Mentally Retarded (MR)
    Athletics (Boys and Girls)
    100M, 4 x 100M Relay,
    Shot Put, Standing Long Jump
    Soccer (Boys)
    Basketball (Boys)
    Table Tennis – Singles (either Boy or Girl)
    6.2 Hearing Impaired (HI)
    Athletics (Bovs and Girls)
    100M, 4 x 100M Relay,
    Shot Put, Standing Long Jump Swimming (Boys and Girls)
    Volleyball (Boys)
    Table Tennis – Singles (Boy or Girl)
    6.3 Visually Impaired (VI)
    Athletics (either Boy or Girl)
    50M and Standing Long Jump
    Table Tennis – Singles (either Boy or Girl)
    6.4 Exhibition Games (Invited Teams/Players from NCR)
    Basketball – Boys (on wheels)
    Athletics (on wheels)
    100M, 200M
  7. Age Bracket
    7.1 Age bracketing is only in Athletics and Swimming (individual events). Participants will be grouped into two (2) age brackets:
    MR (B & G): 1) 13 – 15 years old category
    HI (B & G): 2) 16 and above category
    7.2 No age bracketing for Team Sports (Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer), Table Tennis and events for the Blind.
  8. Technical and Ground Rules
    8.1 Technical and Game Rules (Laws) followed and implemented by the national and international bodies shall govern the conduct of the games.
    8.2 The Technical Committee shall prepare Ground Rules signed by all the competing coaches.
    8.3 Participation by any athlete is limited to 2 events (2 individual events or one individual and 1 team event).
    8.4 Alternates must be registered. Alternates shall not be more than three (3). Changes may be done before the start of the game proper.
    8.5 The decision of the Chief Referee on matters arising from competitions is final.
  9. Schedule of Activities
    April 19 – Arrival of Delegations/Billeting
    April 20 – Opening Ceremony, Parade
    April 21 – Games
    April 22 – Games
    April 23 – Games
    April 24 – Departure
  10. Awards
    Gold, Silver and Bronze medals shall be awarded to individual and team winners. No Regional Delegation shall be declared general champion.
  11. Financial Arrangement
    11.1 Board and lodging of participants/athletes, coaches, chaperons, delegation and technical officials and other expenses in the conduct of the special games shall be charged against BPESS and DECS budget.
    11.2 Transportation from regional point of origin to Manila and back shall be charged to local funds.
    Transportation from Manila to Pili, Camarines Sur and back to Manila as well as local transportation during the Palaro shall be charged against Palaro and BPESS funds.
    Bus Schedule: Leave Manila to Camarines Sur – April 19; 8:00am
    Leave Camarines Sur to Manila – April 24; 8:00am
    11.3 To augment the limited funds of the Palaro, participation of local government units, the private sectors and other government expenses are encouraged.
  12. Regional Offices shall send the list of athletes with corresponding events to be participated in for pre-registration not later than March 21, 1997 to:
    Palarong Pambansa Special Games Management and Technical Committee
    c/o Mr. Maro C. Blauta
    Asst. Chief, CDD
    Pasig City
    Tel. No. 631-64-25 Fax No. 633-72-25
  13. For compliance.

Reference: DECS Order; (No. 61, s. 1996)
Allotment; 1-2-3-4—(M.O. 1-87)

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