April 30, 1997 – DO 41, s. 1997 – Creating an Ad Hoc Physical Facilities Unit in the DECS Regional and Division Offices

April 30, 1997
DO 41, s. 1997
Creating an Ad Hoc Physical Facilities Unit in the DECS Regional and Division Offices

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents

  1. In line with the Department’s thrust for an effective, efficient and equitable delivery of various programs and projects concerning physical facilities, and Ad Hoc Physical Facilities Unit is hereby organized in all the regional and division offices of the DECS. The said Unit will be headed by the designated Physical Facilities Coordinator.
  2. The Unit shall be composed of the following:
    1. Regional Office
      Physical Facilities Coordinator (ES II) – Officer-in-Charge
      Civil Engineer
      Data Entry Machine Operator (DEMO)
    2. B. Division Office
      Physical Facilities Coordinator (ESI) – Officer-in-Charge
      Civil Engineer
      Data Entry Machine Operator (DEMO)
  3. The position of an Engineer may be on a contractual basis charged from the Regional MOOE until such time that it can be included in the Regional and Division Plantilla. The main function of the Unit is to plan, coordinate, monitor and evaluate the efficient and effective implementation of the programs and projects of the DECS concerning physical facilities.
  4. The functions of the AD HOC Physical Facilities Unit are as follows:
    1. Prepares an integrated plan consistent with the DECS national plan in consultation with chiefs of offices in the regional and division levels and school heads relative to physical facilities (Schoolbuilding Program, Desk/Chairs Distribution Program, etc.)
    2. Monitors the implementation of school facilities programs and projects at the regional, division and school levels (e.g. PBAC, plant/site inspection, deliveries/acceptance of completed projects, etc.) and recommend incentives and awards to administrators who have met or surpassed their target plans.
    3. Prepares periodic reports as required by the regional office and DECS Secretary, relative to the status of implementation of programs and projects on physical facilities, to include among others, conformity to/deviation from the approved Program of Works, approved standard designs and specifications, timetable of production, distribution/delivery of finished products/projects.
    4. Provides technical assistance to regional, division and school levels and maintains liaison with other offices and agencies at the sub-regional level.
    5. Programs and conducts training programs as may be necessary on the management of physical facilities.
    6. Maintains an updated and workable Management Information System (MIS) needed in the formulation of plans and programs and in decision-making.
    7. Performs such other functions as may be provided by the DECS Secretary.
  5. Immediate dissemination of and compliance with this Order is desired.

Reference: DECS Order (No. 23, s. 1995)
Allotment: 1-2—(M.O. 1-87)

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