August 7, 1997 – DO 59, s. 1997 – Erroneous NEAT/NSAT Reviewers


August 7, 1997
DO 59, s. 1997
Erroneous NEAT/NSAT Reviewers

To: Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
District Supervisors
Private Elementary and Secondary School Principals
Vocational High School Principals

  1. Reports have reached this Office that there are what purport to be NEAT/NSAT reviewers which contain numerous errors being sold to the public.
  2. The Department of Education, Culture and Sports has not authorized anybody to print, publish or sell NEAT/NSAT reviewers, nor to conduct review classes for the NEAT/NSAT. In fact, the Department has discouraged the conduct of review classes and the production and sale of reviewers, because these would defeat the objectives of the test.
  3. In view of this, all DECS officials and personnel are hereby directed to inform all students/pupils and their parents about this DECS policy. They are likewise instructed to monitor the schools in their respective areas of responsibility to ensure that these NEAT/NSAT reviewers containing erroneous materials are not circulated.
  4. For strict and immediate compliance.

Reference: DECS Order: No, 65, s. 1995
Allotment: 1-3—(D.O. 50-97)

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