September 3, 1997 – DO 63, s. 1997 – Policy Guidelines in the Hiring of Services of Computer Companies

September 3, 1997
DO 63, s. 1997
Policy Guidelines in the Hiring of Services of Computer Companies

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau/Cultural Agency Directors
Directors of Services/Centers and Heads of Units
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents

  1. It has come to the knowledge of this Office that heads of some public elementary and high schools have entered into an agreement with private computer companies engaging the services of the latter to open and conduct computer classes under the following terms and conditions:
    1. The computer class is offered for 3rd and 4th year high school as optional subject and added as one of the Technology and Home Economics (THE) subjects but does not form part of the curriculum;
    2. The use of classrooms for computer class is free of charge;
    3. Electric bills are on the account of the schools;
    4. Tuition Fee is P800.00 on cash basis and P900.00 on installment basis.
  2. Investigations conducted by this Office further disclosed that:
    1. Students who are not enrolled in computer subject are not assigned to top sections or are either demoted or threatened to be demoted to lower sections;
    2. Enrollment in the computer subject appears compulsory as reflected in the enrollment cards. “As prerequisite to my admission and continuous stay in this school xx” and “that a student may be excluded from his/her classes or from any examination if he/she fails to settle his/her accounts”.
    3. Students complained that of the 80 minutes per day computer lessons, they were only given 20 minutes; that only those who pay in cash are given free diskettes; and that sometimes, computers are not immediately repaired thus depriving the students the use thereof as agreed upon.
    4. Free use of classrooms and electricity has been confirmed.
  3. It has been observed that there is a tendency to commercialize the modernization program of DECS at the expense of the government and to the prejudice of the pupils/students. Service Providers for computers are now being hired by DECS to teach computer trainings nationwide as part of the modernization program.
  4. In view of the foregoing circumstances, the following guidelines are hereby adopted in the hiring of private computer companies to teach computer lessons in public elementary and secondary schools:
    1. Organization of a computer class shall be at the instance of the duly organized Parent-Teachers Association and not the school heads.
    2. Contracts for the computer service with private computer companies shall be entered into between a duly organized PTA and the computer company.
    3. Enrollment in a computer class shall not be compulsory but on a voluntary, basis and it should not be part of the curriculum.
    4. The use of classrooms and electricity for free is strictly prohibited. Classrooms and laboratory rooms may be rented for lecture provided that the use thereof shall not prejudice the normal class schedules. Electric consumption shall be charged against the account of the private company.
    5. Teachers shall not be used in any manner whatsoever in the conduct of computer class except under the DECS modernization program or when acting as adviser on the kind of instructions to be given in line with or relevant to the schools curricula which will make the computer know-how advantageous to the students.
    6. Enrollment in a computer class shall not be a condition precedent to the enrollment in the school nor shall it be a basis for the assignment to a higher section. In no case shall it be a basis for demotion to a lower section.
    7. School teachers and officials shall not share in the form of honorarium, in the tuition fees except when the services is authorized and in accordance with COA rules and regulations.
    8. Existing contracts should be reviewed and should be executed in accordance, with this DECS Order.
  5. Wide dissemination of and strict compliance with this Order is directed.

Reference: None
Allotment: 1—(D.O. 50-97)

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