October 27, 1997 – DO 82, s. 1997 – Revised Guidelines on Shifting from Master Teacher Position to Administrative Position and Vice Versa

October 27, 1997
DO 82, s. 1997
Revised Guidelines on Shifting from Master Teacher Position to Administrative Position and Vice Versa

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Regional/Bureau/Center Directors
Schools Division Superintendents

  1. In line with the desire to give teachers of public elementary and secondary schools the opportunity and option to change career paths they like to pursue, the existing policy on shifting relevant to Master Teachers and Schools Principals shall be revised as follows:
    1. Shifting from the Master Teacher. Teacher’s track to the principal’s track and vice-versa shall be allowed once for both the elementary and secondary school Master Teacher and Principal at any point in the progression levels provided the qualification standards are met and after passing an examination.
    2. The Master Teacher or Principal who desires to shift is ranked with all-other qualified candidates for the equivalent position. The selected candidate should be given opportunities by the Division Superintendent to undergo training on the relevant competencies.
    3. For a Master Teacher I to be able to shift to the Principal’s track and vice-versa at the same level, he/she should have a performance rating of Very Satisfactory in the last two years.
    4. A Master Teacher 1 can shift to the Principal I track without going down to the level of the Head Teacher provided he/she demonstrates the management competencies required of a Principal I. A Principal I who desires to shift to the Master Teacher’s track shall likewise have to possess the teaching competencies required for Master Teachers at the level of shifting. The qualification requirements at each level of progression for both tracks shall correspondingly be revised to include the competency requirements for each level of the tracks.
    5. When a secondary school Head Teacher decides to shift to the Master teacher position, consideration must be given to subject area specialization.
    6. An assessment, certification and training program shall be conducted by the National Educators Academy of the Philippines to prepare those intending to shift career paths and to certify their competencies.
  2. This revision takes place immediately.

Allotment: l–(D.O. 50-97)

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