January 22, 1998 – DO 6, s. 1998 – Policies and Programs for School Library Development
January 22, 1998
DO 6, s. 1998
Policies and Programs for School Library Development
To:   Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Private Elementary and Secondary School Principals
1.   A school library is very important in the attainment of the objectives of education. Its main function is to make instructional materials available and accessible to teachers and learners in order to develop positive reading/study habits and develop the ability to use those materials efficiently and effectively as tools of learning.
2.   The library is a service center, reading center, guidance center, material production center, and most importantly teaching-learning center. The library should be  the center of a school being an integral and indispensable part of it.
3.   Each elementary and secondary school must have a functional library. Schools without libraries must establish them, those with libraries must improve them. Refer to Enclosure 1 for details.
4.   School libraries should procure basic print supplementary materials, in addition to adequate copies of textbooks and teacher’s manuals, in accordance with the Guidelines on Supplementary Materials Intended for Public Elementary and Secondary Schools. Refer to Enclosure 2 for details.
5.   Monitoring of school libraries should be done regularly by DECS central office, regional offices, and/or school heads.
6.   Immediate dissemination of the contents of this Order to all concerned is enjoined.


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