April 13, 1998 – DO 35, s. 1998 – Implementing Guidelines on the COMELEC and DECS Agreement Relative to the May 1998 National Elections
April 13, 1998
DO 35, s. 1998
Implementing Guidelines on the COMELEC and DECS Agreement Relative to the May 1998 National Elections

To:    Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau/Service and Center Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
All Others Concerned

1.   Inclosed herewith is a reproduced copy of a Memorandum of Agreement entered into between the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) and the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) dated April 8, 1998.
To give more impetus to the provisions of this agreement, the following guidelines are hereby adopted:
a.   To expedite payment of per diems of BEI members and DECS supervisors and support personnel, the Assistant Secretary for Financial and Management Service, Josefina Nisperos shall turn over the funds that will be remitted by the COMELEC to the Regional Director who will effect payment to deputized DECS officials after the elections in the most facilitative manner possible. Report of payment and supporting documents of disbursements shall be submitted to COMELEC for purposes of liquidation;
b.   Transportation expenses of deputized DECS officials shall be paid by the COMELEC in the form of cash advance or reimbursement unless COMELEC will adopt a general formula for payment thereof. In ease of cash advance or reimbursement, the cash requirement and receipt of expenditures, respectively shall be submitted to the election officers of the locality;
c.   In case of injury or death suffered in the performance of election duties, payment of compensation thereof shall be made out of the insurance coverage and funds from COMELEC and DECS appropriated for this purpose. Report of such injury or death shall be immediately submitted to the COMELEC and DECS together with the supporting document like death certificate, hospitalization receipts, police report whenever applicable and Doctors’ Certificate; “Quality Education Towards Philippines 2000”
d.   Lawyers in the Central, Regional and Division Offices, including Legal Consultants, shall be required to render legal assistance to teachers and DECS officials deputized by the COMELEC who are or May be facing criminal and administrative cases. For this purpose, the Chief Legal Division of the Central Office, the Regional Directors and Schools Superintendents are required to submit not later April 20. 1998 to Assistant Secretary Reno A. Capinpin, Assistant Secretary for Legal Affairs, a list of lawyers in the Legal Division, the Regional as well as the Division Offices who shall be recommended.
e.   A separate election primer from COMELEC and DECS will be issued. Seminar-Workshops shall be conducted to acquaint deputized officials of their duties and responsibilities. All concerned are requested to study the primer, enjoined to attend the seminar and re-echo what they learned therefrom.
2.   For purposes of closer coordination and consultation between COMELEC, DECS and field offices on important issues, concerns and problems, a Monitoring Center is hereby established in the DECS Central Office chaired by Asst. Secretary Reno A. Capinpin and co-chaired by the Director, Technical Service, with the Office of Legislative Liaison Officers as the National Secretariat The Offices of the Technical Service and General Services Division shall form part of this Monitoring Center.
3.   To facilitate action and information gathering, the Regional and Division Offices shall likewise put up a similar election monitoring center which shall be in close contact with the National Monitoring Center at DECS Central Office by using the telephone and FAX machines, live Mead of the Monitoring Center in the Regional and Division Offices shall be reported to the Office of Assistant Secretary Capinpin not later than April 20, 1998.
4.   Everyone is enjoined to participate actively in the success of Project HOPE (Honest, Orderly and Peaceful Election) and avoid engaging in partisan political activities.
5.   Wide dissemination of this Order is desired.


                                   ERLINDA C. PEFIANCO


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