May 15, 1998 – DO 45, s. 1998 – Delegation of Authority and Responsibility to the Executive Director of the Instructional Materials Council Secretariat
May 15, 1998
DO 45, s. 1998
Delegation of Authority and Responsibility to the Executive Director of the Instructional Materials Council Secretariat
To : Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau, Regional, Service and Center Directors
COA Resident Auditor
All Others Concerned
          In order to strengthen the existing organization and staff of the IMC Secretariat to effectively assist the Instructional Materials Council (IMC) in coordinating and monitoring the imple­mentation of the government textbook program and in order to improve its operational efficiency, authority to discharge the following functions is hereby delegated to the Executive Director of the Instructional Materials Council Secretariat.
A. To sign and/or approve the following documents:
1.      IMCS Office Orders, Circulars, and similar issuances
2.      Contracts, Letter Contracts and Memoranda of Agreement for technical and support services; contracts/trainings of evaluators; contracts for textbooks and document distribution, janitorial and security services, and others inherent in the operation of the Secretariat
3.      Vouchers (Box A)
4.      Requisition and Issue Vouchers
5.      Authority for IMCS Staff to travel locally
6.      Authority for IMCS Staff to travel abroad subject to the confirmation of the Secretary or other DECS senior official in-charge.
7.      Leaves of absence of IMCS staff (vacation, sick, maternity, study and others)
8.      Inter-divisional transfer of staff upon consulta­tion with concerned Division Chiefs
9.      Annual report on the inventory of property
10.    Certification of services rendered or accomplish­ment reports by contractual staff
11.    Payroll for salaries, honoraria/fees of evalua­tors /trainers/resource persons and similar ex­penses
12.    Requisition Issue Slips for the release of sup­plies and materials
13.    Request for Overtime upon the recommendation of the Division Chiefs
14.    Certification of MEDICARE contributions, employ­ment and other related documents
15.    Reports for submission to DECS, COA, CSC, DBM and other agencies
16.    Applications for commercial reprinting and sale of IMC Publications
17.    Preliminary or first round evaluation reports for instructional materials submitted to the IMC for evaluation
18.    Notices, Bulletins or other issuances concerning the submission or evaluation of instructional materials subject to the approval or confirmation of the DECS Secretary or IMC
19.    Management and use of the Trust Fund for Evalua­tion of Textbooks and Supplementary Materials for evaluation purposes (e.g., supplies, delivery of materials, communication and transportation ex­penses, conduct of meetings/workshops, fees and honoraria, meals and snacks, etc.)


B.      To serve as Special Disbursing Officer of the IMCS for Cash Advances  to defray  emergency and petty expenses and for other specific purposes.
          In the absence or inability of the IMCS Executive Director to perform the above, the supervising DECS Assistant Secretary shall assume the above-stated functions unless specifically delegated to another official.
          For the information and guidance of all concerned.


Reference: None Allotment: 1—(D.O. 50-97)
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