May 25, 1998 – DO 47, s. 1998 – Directing a Smooth and Orderly Opening of Classes in All Elementary and Secondary Schools On June 1, 1998
May 25, 1998
DO 47, s. 1998
Directing a Smooth and Orderly Opening of Classes in All Elementary and Secondary Schools On June 1, 1998

To:   Undersecretaries and Assistant Secretaries
Regional, Staff Bureau, Center and Service Directors
Schools Division Superintendents and Division Supervisors
Heads of Public Elementary and Secondary Schools
All Others Concerned

1.   It is desired that the opening of classes on Monday, June I, 1998 shall be smooth and orderly. For this purpose, all regional directors shall issue the necessary directives to school/district/division officials in accordance with the following general guidelines:
(1)   No pupil/student shall be refused admission in the public school system. However, due to space limitations and/or the use of selection criteria by some schools particularly central schools and schools identified as leader schools, science, or science & technology schools, there may be cases of non ­admission. In this event, excess or non-qualifying pupils/students shall be referred for admission to another public school preferably within the community.
(2)   Teaching assignments shall be given by the school head to all teachers during the week from May 25 to 30, 1998 All teachers on detail/reassignment shall be encouraged to accept full teaching assignments in their respective school. These include guidance counselors, school library teachers, canteen teachers, and others who are performing locally designated duties either on a part-time or full-time basis such as co-coordinators (NFE, Scout, etc.), clinic teachers and teacher clerks.
(3)    Classroom shall be prepared. School desks, tables and chairs shall be arranged and  ready     for use. Textbooks and supplementary materials shall be collected from stock rooms, sorted and prepared for distribution.
(4)    No contribution of any kind and for any purpose even if authorized and voluntary shall be allowed as a condition to admission in the public schools. Such collections may be permitted only during designated months in the school year.


2.   All regional, division, district and school officials and/or their assistants are required to be at their respective station/school from May 25 to June 30, 1998. Their principal task shall be to ensure that all valid and legitimate concerns of pupils/students and their parents/guardians with request to admission in the public school system are addressed and resolved. An action officer shall be designated and be accessible to the public and the media preferably with an assigned telephone line whose number shall be made known to all interested parties.


3.   Two reports shall be submitted by all schools division superintendents directly to the Office of the Secretary. (Attention: Ms. Erna Aganon by Fax No. 632-0805) on the conduct of school opening. “An initial report shall be made on June 15 and a final report on June 30.


4.   For strict compliance.


                                                  ERLINDA C. PEFIANCO
References:      DECS Order No. 9, s 1998
Unnumbered Memorandum dated May 22, 1998


Allotment: 1-3 (D.O. 50-97)
To be indicated in the Perpetual Index
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