July 24, 1998 – DO 69, s. 1998 – Creating a Pre/Post-Qualification, Bids and Awards Committee (PBAC) for the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS)
July 24, 1998
DO 69, s. 1998
Creating a Pre/Post-Qualification, Bids and Awards Committee (PBAC) for the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS)

To:  Undersecretaries/Assistant Secretaries
Bureau/Service/Center Directors
Regional Directors
School Superintendents
All Others Concerned

1.   In order to facilitate the implementation of various projects of the Department, a Pre/Post-Qualification, Bids and Awards Committee (hereinafter called the “Committee”) is hereby created.
2.   The Committee shall be composed of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and twelve (12) members. To administer the bids and awards proceedings, a group of seven (7) will be chosen immediately prior to the bidding date. Six (6) of the twelve (12) members will be chosen by drawing of lots, to be headed by either the Chairman or the Vice ­Chairman.
Chairman :                Usec. Antonio A.S. Valdes
Vice-Chairman:        Asec. Ramon C. Bacani
Legal Officer :           Usec. Bartolome Carale or his duly authorized  representative
Members :                 Director Teresita G. Inciong
Dr. Modesta M. Boquiren (Permanent Member)
Engr. Luis Purisima Jr.
Engr. Evangeline Seng
Mr. Ernesto M. Sayo
Mr. Jose Cusi
Mr. Alexander Pagatpatan
Mr. Damaso Mendoza
Mr. Bienvenido Contapay
Mr. Alberto B. Dumo
One representative from PICPA, GACPA
ACPAE and ACPAP (Rotation)
 3.   The Committee shall have the following functions:
3.1   primarily responsible for the administration of system and procedures on all biddings and awards of the Department for the procurement of goods and services, thru Local and International Biddings or other suitable modes of procurements covered by regular and foreign-assisted projects, and such other projects locally or nationally funded which may be specifically assigned to DECS-PBAC;
3.2    review or make arrangements for the review prior to finalization of specifications of goods to be purchased and manner of packaging them to ensure clarity, completeness, economy and conformance to prescribed Procurement Guidelines;
3.3    prepare or arrange for the preparation of Invitation to Bid, Bid Qualification and other Bid Documents necessary for public bidding;
3.4    process bids submitted and recommend the award to the lowest complying evaluated bidder and found complying with all the conditions in the call for bids and tender documents and satisfactorily meets the specifications required;
3.5    recommend the disqualification and/or confiscation of the performance bond of winning bidder who has been delinquent in the performance of the contract;
3.6    negotiate with contractors/suppliers/bidders under the terms and conditions provided for in the Implementing Rules and Regulation of Public Bidding;
3.7     obtain technical advice, expertise and/or assistance from any government entity or agency in the performance of its functions; and
3.8    such other functions as are necessary in the implementation of the bidding law and other related law on the matter.
4.   The   above-named  Committee  shall  be  directly  assisted  by  DECS-PBAC  Secretariat and   Contract  Management  and  Monitoring  Group  which   presently  holds  office  at Rizal  Bldg. II, ULTRA  Complex  and  headed  by  DECS-PBAC  Coordinator.
5.   The membership of the Committee for a particular project will be drawn by lots including its Chairman.
6.   The Permanent Member should be present in all projects that are for bidding.
7.   One representative from PICPA, ACPAP, GACPA and ACPAE will be the private sector representative of the Committee. However, among the said organizations, only one member coming from one group will be the representative. For every bidding, the member representing the private sector will change among the said organizations through drawing of lots.
8.    All Suppliers/Contractors/Bidders should be subject to Accreditation Requirements of the Department.
9.    Any   and   all   existing   Committee  on  Pre / Post – Qualification,  Bids    and    Awards Committee related to local and foreign-assisted projects are hereby   abolished and their records and pertinent functions will be transferred to the herein newly reconstituted Committee.


10.   This Order shall take effect immediately.

                                                           ANDREW GONZALES, FSC


DECS Order: No. 18, s. 1996
Office Order dated January 2, 1996
Allotment; 1—(D.O. 50-97)


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