September 14, 1998 – DO 85, s. 1998 – Revitalizing DECS Participation in Kabataan: 2000
September 14, 1998
DO 85, s. 1998
Revitalizing DECS Participation in Kabataan: 2000
To:  Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Divisional Leader School Principals (Secondary)
Private Secondary School Principals
Vocational High School Principals
Chairman, CHED
1.    By virtue of Executive Order No. 139 expanding the President’s Summer Youth Work Program (PSYWP) to the year-round program known as KABATAAN: 2000, the DECS was included as a member of the KABATAAN: 2000 Steering Committee.
2.    The Program, which has for- its beneficiaries young people from 15 – 30 years old aims to:
a.     instill among the youth a sense of awareness of the vision, policies and programs set forth by the administration for the country and people;
b.   provide the youth, especially the out-of-school, with alternatives to instill the values of discipline, hard work, community services, teamwork, volunteerism and the bayanihan spirit through constructive and productive undertakings;
c.     provide training and financial assistance to the youth to support their educational and career development needs; and
d.     contribute to nation-building.
3.    The Center for Students and Co-Curricular Affairs, as the duly appointed National Action Officer of the DECS to the KABATAAN: 2000, is in-charge of the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the program, including the various enrolled program components therein, i.e. the Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES), the Government Internship Program (GIP), and such others which are deemed beneficial to the Department and its youth clientele.

4.     As a renewal of its commitment to student development, the DECS hereby enrolls a new program Under the KABATAAN; 2000 entitled: YOUTH ACTION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” (YASD), replacing all other previously-enrolled programs of the Department under the K: 2000.

5.   The  YASD  seeks  to  expose  students  and OSYs alike to the  rudiments  of  entrepreneurship, cooperativism,  science, culture and arts, and allows them to practice these in their respective communities thru its three (3) components, namely: Youth Entrepreneurship and Cooperatives in Schools and the Community (YECSC), Science Clubs in Outreach Programs (SCOP), and the Program on Culture and Arts (PCA).
6.    Beneficiaries of the YASD shall be secondary and non-formal students within the DECS system whose ages range from 15 – 30.
7.   The Executive Officer of the CSCA shall lead the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the YASD at the national level, in cooperation with other offices/bureaus at the DECS Central Office, such as the Bureau of Secondary Education (BSE), the Bureau of Non-Formal Education (BNFE), as well as the different DECS regional offices.
8.   The Technical Working Group, composed of the different Kabataan: 2000 Regional and Assistant Regional Action Officers and headed by the CSCA, shall be the over-all Management Committee of the YASD. Attached are the implementing guidelines of the Program as well as the list of regional action officers.
9.     All DECS Regional Offices shall submit periodic summary reports on the number of in­ school and out-school participants and the budget used for KABATAAN: 2000 programs implemented like the YASD, GIP, and the SPES. Reports should be submitted to Mr. Joey G. Pelaez, Executive Officer of the Center for Students and Co-Curricular Affairs, at telefax nos. 631-8495 or 636-3603.
10.   Dissemination of the contents of this Order to all concerned is hereby enjoined.




Reference: DECS Order: No. 38, s. 1997


Allotment: 1-2-(D.O. 50-97)


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