November 19, 1998 – DO 97, s. 1998 – NFE Mobile Program for Out-Of-School Youth and Adults
November 19, 1998
DO 97, s. 1998
NFE Mobile Program for Out-Of-School Youth and Adults

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau/Center Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents

  1. It is the desire of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS), to make education accessible to out-of-school youth and adults who live in remote barangays of the country. It is in this context that the “NFE Mobile Program” was conceptualized as a timely educational intervention program. This is in line with the concept of bringing education where the learners are.
  2. The NFE Mobile Program is an immediate response to the demand of millions of target learners for relevant and accessible nonformal education.
  3. The objectives of the program are as follows:
    1. Make education accessible to out-of-school youth and adults;
    2. Raise the level of literacy in the target areas; and
    3. Improve the quality of life of individuals and families in remote and underserved communities.
  4. For the effective and efficient implementation of the NFE Mobile Program, three hundred (300) regular teacher items are made available for qualified mobile nonformal education teachers who will be assigned to the areas where the unreached and underserved population of the country are. Qualified to apply as NFE mobile teachers are bachelor degree holders, who are duly licensed professional teachers, since they will be given regular teacher items.
  5. The target sites/communities for this program are those where there are available NFE learners.
  6. Since the regional and division offices have developed community based learning materials, these offices can decide on the appropriate learning materials to be used in the NFE Mobile Program. In cases where there are no available learning materials in the target areas, there are however, few copies of BNFE prepared learning materials which can be reproduced specifically for this purpose. Learning materials and facilitator’s guides which are being prepared by the Bureau of Nonformal Education based on the newly approved NFE Accreditation and Equivalency Curriculum Framework will be distributed to the field by the end of December.
  7. Initially, the Bureau of Nonformal Education (BNFE) will be giving one bag and one “four-in-one” kit for each teacher appointed for this Program.
  8. Initial training of these NFE Mobile Teachers will be conducted by selected staff of the Bureau of Nonformal Education. Details on this will be communicated at a later date to the regions.
  9. Attached are copies of the following: Implementing Guidelines for the NFE Mobile Program; Proposed Allocation of Three Hundred (300) Teacher Items; Selection Criteria for NFE Mobile Teachers; and Duties and Responsibilities of NFE Mobile Teachers. In cases where these items are not needed by the city or provincial divisions concerned, the Regional Director is authorized to reallocate the items upon request of Schools Division Superintendents. A list of the duly appointed NFE Mobile Teachers shall be submitted to BNFE by the Regional Office.
  10. It is desired that this DECS Order be disseminated immediately to all concerned.

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Allotment: 1-(D.O. 50-97)

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