February 5, 1999 – DO 11, s. 1999 – Organizing the National Project Management Office for the Secondary Education Development and Improvement Project (SEDIP)
February 5, 1999
DO 11, s. 1999
Organizing the National Project Management Office for the Secondary Education Development and Improvement Project (SEDIP)
To:   Undersecretaries and Assistant Secretaries
Bureau, Center and Service Directors
Regional Directors and Schools Division Superintendents
All Others Concerned
1.   To ensure the smooth and successful implementation of the Secondary Education Development and Improvement Project (SEDIP) which aims to reduce inequity and geographical disparity in access, quality and efficiency of public secondary education and support the Department’s thrust for decentralization and modernization, the National Project Management Office (NPMO) is hereby organized.
Project management will be carried out through two levels of organization. The overall policy level management and coordination will be carried out by the Project Steering Committee„ (PSC), and daily project implementation and management will be carried out by the National Project Management Office (NPMO). These two structures will be responsible for overseeing the overall project implementation at the national level.
2.   The Project Steering Committee will be primarily responsible for providing overall policy guidance and operational guidelines on project implementation. It will be headed by a Project Director and comprised of the DECS -Assistant Secretaries for Programs, Planning, Finance, and Legal, the Director of the BSE, the DECS-TEEP Project Director, the SEDIP Consultant Team Leader (Foreign) and the SEDIP Chief Consultant (Domestic). The Project Director will be the DECS Undersecretary for Programs and Projects, Dr. Nilo L. Rosas, as stipulated in the ADB Mission Report (June 1998) jointly recommended by the representatives of DECS, DOF and ADB. This is to ensure that project management at the operational level is made consistent with the policy directions set forth by the Project Management Advisory Council (PMAC).
3.   The core NPMO is hereby constituted immediately by officials and staff who are seconded on full time basis to undertake the start-up activities and ensure continuity of project implementation, monitoring and supervision of the various components:
Name/Office                                                    NPMO Position/Component
Dr. Alberto P. Mendoza                                   – Project Manager
Director IV, BSE
Teresita D. Felipe                                           – Deputy Project Manager
Officer-In-Charge, OPS-PDED
          Lolita M. Andrada                                          – Chief, INSET and Policy Group
          Chief, SDD-BSE
Bella O. Marinas                                            – Chief, Decentralization, E-MIS
OIC, CDD-BSE                                                  and PME Group
          Thelma M Cruz                                              – Technical Staff, INSET and Policy
Marivic D. Abcede                                          – Technical Staff, E-MIS and PME
          Rosario C. Estabillo                                        – Technical Staff, Budget & Finance
Augustiniano A. Gutierrez                                – Support Staff
Ma. Victoria E. Cervantes                                – Support Staff
Clerk II, BSE
4.   The NPMO shall be responsible for coordinating all Project activities and ensure close coordination with the Bureau of Secondary Education for teacher inservice training, curriculum review process and policy formulation. The NPMO will develop, organize and implement guidelines and strategies for the various project components in accordance with the project design and directions from the Project Director and the Project Management Advisory Committee.
5.   Initial operating expenses to be incurred by the core NPMO shall be charged against OSEC and BSE funds until such time that SEDIP funds are available. The NPMO core staff shall be entitled to honoraria or appropriate compensation in accordance with the provisions of NCC-75 and other relevant guidelines for secondment arrangements.
6.   The NPMO Office shall be temporarily located at the BSE until such time that the Office space and facilities for SEDIP at the 5 Floor of the Bonifacio Building are ready.
7.   All DECS agencies and units are directed to provide assistance and support to the NPMO to ensure smooth and successful implementation of SEDIP.
8.   Immediate dissemination of this order which takes effect on February 1, 1999 is desired.
                                                                                                           ANDREW GONZALEZ, FSC
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