March 12, 1999 – DO 26, s. 1999 – Training of Textbook Evaluation
March 12, 1999
DO 26, s. 1999
Training of Textbook Evaluation
To:   Bureau/Center/Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Heads of Public/Private Schools
All others concerned
1.   This DECS Order pertains to the training/retraining of Textbook Evaluators and Regional Textbook Evaluation Coordinators from the various regions in preparation for the evaluation of learning materials to be submitted by private publishers under the Third Textbook Call. Materials submitted under this Textbook Call which pass evaluation by DECS shall be eligible for purchase and use in public schools starting SY 2000-2001.
2.   Textbook Evaluators must be trained in preparation for the evaluation of materials to be submitted by private publishers on June 1999. The training shall be done following the schedule in Annex 1. The number/breakdown of new participants to be trained shall be determined by DECS Instructional Materials Council Secretariat (IMCS) and shall be communicated to the various DECS Regional Offices. The 5- day live- in training shall be conducted by DECS Central Office personnel and resource persons from the private sector.
3.   Individuals who are interested and deemed qualified based on the Criteria for Textbook Evaluators (Annex 2), must each submit to DECS IMCS a handwritten application letter signifying interest to serve as an evaluator, a duly accomplished Personal Data Sheet (Annex 3), a notarized Evaluator’s Declaration (Annex 4) attesting that s/he is willing and able to perform the responsibilities of an evaluator not later than March 31, 1999. Preference will be given to individuals who have served as textbook evaluator and/or have undergone relevant training under PRODED, SEDP, PROBE, PELT, etc.
4.   Each DECS Regional Office is also requested to nominate a Regional Textbook Evaluation Coordinator (TEC) who must be qualified based on the Terms of Reference for TEC (Annex 5) to DECS IMCS not later than March 15, 1999. The assistance of the regional TECs shall be sought in contacting qualified individuals to be trained.
5.   Necessary and allowable expenses for the training of evaluators and Regional TECs from DECS such as travel and registration fees for board of lodging of participants shall be chargeable against their respective Office’s budget for INSET or other allowable source. Evaluators from the private sectors, however, will have to fund their own participation to these trainings. DECS Regional and Division Offices are also enjoined to finance the services of substitute teachers who may be needed to take the place of DECS Textbook Evaluators in the latter’s schools during the training. All other training costs including suppliers, venues rental, travel, accommodations, and fees of trainers and resource persons shall be sourced from DECS trust fund for evaluation.
6.   The DECS policy prohibiting teachers to be pulled out from their classes during school days shall not apply to teachers who serve as textbook evaluators provided that necessary arrangements are made to ensure continuation of classes even in their absence.
7.   The DECS IMCS shall communicate directly with the TECs of concerned regions re. final preparations and arrangements for the trainings. The DECS IMCS is currently based at A. Ma. Regidor St., Area XI, U.P. Diliman Campus, Quezon City (Tel. nos. 920-194 and 922-9982 to 84 and fax 920-1887).
8.   For immediate dissemination and guidance of all concerned.

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References: DECS Orders: Nos. 19 and 27, s. 1998
Allotment: 1—(D.O. 50-97)
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