April 20, 1999 – DO 40, s. 1999 – 1999 Nonformal Education Accreditation and Equivalency (NFE A&E) Test
April 20, 1999
DO 40, s. 1999
1999 Nonformal Education Accreditation and Equivalency (NFE A&E) Test
To:   Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Heads of Private Schools
1.   The 1999 Nonformal Education Accreditation and Equivalency (NFE A&E) Test will be administered in designated Testing Centers on May 30, 1999 in the Pilot Sites of the ADB-assisted Philippines Nonformal Education Project in the following Regions:
  • National Capital Region – all schools divisions
  • Region V – Catanduanes, Masbate and Sorsogon
  • Region VII – Cebu City, Lapulapu City and Mandaue City
  • Region XI – Sultan Kudarat
  • Region XII – North Cotabato
2.   The prospective NFE A&E registrants/examinees are Filipinos aged 15 years and above who are:
  • Out of School Youth (OSY) and Adults
  • Functional Illiterates
  • Functional Education and Literacy Program (FELP) Completers
  • Unemployed OSY and Adults
  • Elementary and secondary school drop-outs
  • PEPT qualifiers who choose not to return to the formal school system
  • Industry-based workers
3.   The NFE A&E Test is open to prospective examinees from either of the following categories:
  • Learners who have attended learning sessions conducted by contracted Service Providers under the NFE A&E System, or
  • Qualified individuals who have not enrolled or attended the learning sessions but are interested in seeking certification.

4.   There will be two levels of the NFE A&E Test – Elementary Level (approximately 2 1/2 hours) and Secondary Level (approximately 3 hours) which are paper and pencil- based tests with multiple- type questions based on the skills and competencies detailed in the NFE A&E Curriculum Framework. The Secondary Level Test will be administered in the morning and the Elementary Level Test will be administered in the afternoon of the same day.Prospective examinees are generally advised to select the appropriate level of the test using the last level attended (elementary/secondary) in the formal school as a guide. Those examinees who do not hold an elementary level certificate may opt to take the secondary level, however, they should be made aware by the Test Registration Officer that should they fail to successfully complete the Secondary Level Test, they will not receive any certificate.

5.   The Registration Period for the NFE A&E Test covers the month of April 1999. All required reports relative to the Registration shall be submitted through fastest means by the Schools Division Superintendents to the Director IV, Bureau of Nonformal Education, DECS Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City immediately after April 30, 1999, copy furnished the respective Regional Offices.

6.   The Test Registration Centers are public central elementary schools which are designated by the Schools Division Superintendents. These Test Registration Centers shall also serve as the Testing Centers.

7.   No fee shall be paid by the test registrants/examinees.

8.   The Bureau of Nonformal Education (BNFE), in coordination with the Center for Educational Measurement (CEM) and the National Educational Testing and Research Center (NETRC), Regional Offices and Schools Division shall undertake this testing activity. The BNFE and Regional Directors and schools Division Superintendents shall take charge of the effective supervision and administration of these test in their respective sphere of responsibility.

9.   The BNFE, CEM and NETRC officials shall conduct an Orientation in Manila on the NFE A&E Test Administration for Regional and Assistant Regional Directors, Schools Division Superintendents, Assistant Schools Division Superintendents, Regional and Division NFE Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs and Division Supervisors of the Pilot Sites two weeks before the Test.

10.   Two days before the Test, the Regional and Division Test Management Committees shall conduct an Orientation in the Division Level for the Testing Center Coordinators (School Heads where the Testing Centers are located). Examiners, Roving Proctors and other staff on the Conduct of the NFE A&E Test and the use of the Examiner’s Manual for Test Administration.

11.   Attached are the following Inclosures:

No. 1   : Registration Procedures at the Designated NFE A&E Test Centers
No. 2   : Guidelines on the Administration of the 1999 Nonformal Education                                   Accreditation and Equivalency Test for Elementary and Secondary Levels
No. 3   : NFE A&E Test Registration Form
No. 4   : NFE A&E Test Form 1 – List of NFE A&E Registrants/Examinees Per Testing Room
No. 5   : NFE A&E Test Form 2 – Number of Registrants/Examinees by Testing Center
No. 6   : NFE A&E Test Form 3 – Number of Testing Centers and Examinees by Division
No. 7   : List of Test Registration and Testing Centers by Division
12.   Provisions stated in the NFE A&E Manual of Operations which are contrary to the provisions of this Order are hereby rescinded.13.   Immediate and wide dissemination of the contents of this Order to all concerned is desired.

                                           NILO L. ROSAS
Undersecretary for Programs and Projects

Incl.: As stated
Reference: DECS Order: No. 22, s. 1999
Allotment: 1—-(D.O. 50-97)
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