June 18, 1999 – DO 66, s. 1999 – Training-Workshop on Textbook Evaluation for the Third Elementary Education Project (TEEP)
June 18, 1999
DO 66, s. 1999
Training-Workshop on Textbook Evaluation for the Third Elementary Education Project (TEEP)
To:   Bureau/Center Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
All Others Concerned
1.   This DECS Order pertains to the training of Textbook Evaluators in preparation for the evaluation of learning materials to be submitted by private publishers under the -Third Elementary Education Project (TEEP). Materials submitted under TEEP which pass evaluation by DECS shall be eligible for purchase and use in public schools in the TEEP provinces starting SY 2000-2001.
2.   Textbook Evaluator;; must be identified and trained in preparation for the evaluation of materials to be submitted by private publishers in July 1999. The training-workshop shall be conducted by DECS Bureau of Elementary Education personnel and DECS Instructional Materials Council Secretariat and other concerned offices. The training-workshop shall be done following the schedules in Annex 1 and the number and breakdown of participants in Annex 2 of this DECS Order.
3.   After the five-day Training-Workshop, trained evaluators in Group A (see Annex 2) will immediately be involved in a three-week live-in textbook evaluation workshop to be conducted from August 9-27, 1999.
4.   DECS Schools Division Superintendents are requested to nominate supervisors in the subject areas indicated in Annex 2. The nominees should not have been trained as textbook evaluators in the last two years and are interested and deemed qualified based on the Criteria for Textbook Evaluators (Annex 3), Each nominee must submit to DECS BEE a duly accomplished Personal Data Sheet (Annex 4), a notarized Evaluator’s Declaration (Annex 5) attesting that s/he is willing and able to perform the responsibilities of an evaluator. Preference will be given to individuals who have undergone relevant training under PRODED, SEDP, P ROBE, PELT, etc. Deadline for submission of nominations is July 5, 1999.
5.   Necessary and allowable expenses for the training of evaluators from DECS such as transportation and travelling expenses, board and lodging of participants honoraria for evaluating learning materials, and all other training and workshop costs including supplies, venue rental, and fees of trainors and resource persons shall be chargeable against the budget for TEE P or other allowable source.
6.   DECS BEE and TEEP-PISU shall communicate directly with the concerned superintendents and/or e valuators re. final preparations and arrangements for the training-workshop. The DECS BEE is based at the Central Office, 2/F Bonifacio Building, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City (Telephone nos. 632-1361 locals 2055 and 2054) while TEEP-PISU is located at the 5/F Bonifacio Building with tel/fax 6366539 and Tel Nos. 6366541 or 6387109.

7.   For immediate dissemination and guidance of all concerned.

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