DO 1, s. 2001 – Fast-Tracking the Implementation of DECS Programs and Projects

January 19, 2001
DO 1, s. 2001
Fast-Tracking the Implementation of DECS Programs and Projects
To:  Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Directors of Services/Centers and Heads of Units
Regional Directors
Schools Division/City Superintendents
All Others Concerned

  1. Based on the recent review of DECS programs and projects portfolio by the Oversight /Agencies led by NEDA, DECS was among those agencies with low funds utilization and/or disbursement. This resulted in its inclusion among the ten (10) slow performing agencies in government.
  2. To alleviate the situation and in keeping with DECS commitment to the recently held Joint GOP-ADB-JBIC-WB Portfolio Review, the management and supervision of DECS programs and projects is hereby streamlined (Enclosure No. 1) as follows:
  1. The Program Management and Advisory Committee (PMAC) shall continue its task of providing directions and rendering policy decisions on critical program and project concerns.
  2. The Programs Committee (PROGCOM) shall be activated to tackle matters pertaining to DECS programs and projects in general, including DECS FAPs.
  3. As required by the Office of the President, Undersecretary Ramon C. Bacani has been designated as Project Implementation Officer (PIO) last December 15, 2000, with the following functions:
  1. cause the immediate preparation of monthly disbursement schedules of all ODA-funded projects and to submit the same to Oversight Agencies (OAs)
  2. monitor and evaluate project compliance thereto;
  3. convene the PROGCOM every last Wednesday of each month beginning February 2001 for a coordinated deliberation and identification of critical bottlenecks that may require assistance from the Office of the President and the OAs
  4. recommend to PMAC and the PROGCOM policy actions and directions that need to be taken for certain projects;
  5. report to the PMAC and the NEDA Board, movements in project implementation activities, including disbursements, on a monthly basis; and
  6. ensure that recently completed ODA-assisted projects are subjected to sustainability monitoring and other appropriate forms of evaluation.
3. To assist Undersecretary Bacani in the discharge of the PIO functions, the OPS-PDED is hereby designated as Secretariat to both PMAC and the PROGCOM by virtue of its project monitoring and evaluation functions.
4.   Director Teresita Felipe, now full-time with EDPITAF, will continue to coordinate at FAPs from development through implementation and evaluation. As such, she shall oversee the operations of OPS-PDED in a concurrent capacity.
5. Consequently, DECS offices whose programs and projects should be taken up at the PMAC or PROGCOM level, may forward to PDED-OPS the: a) proposed agenda points; and b) a brief rationale why their programs/projects should be taken up immediately. These information should be received at most one (1) week before any scheduled conference, to guide the Secretariat in its prioritization and/or clustering of agenda topics, as necessary.
6. To establish a good benchmark for subsequent monitoring by the PIO, Project Managers and Coordinators are directed to initially complete the enclosed OPS-PDED Forms 9, 10, and 11, on a monthly basis, for the CY 2001 activities. These pertain to Financial and Disbursement Performance, and Procurement and to submit the same on or before February 15, 2001 to the PIO through the above- named Secretariat.
7. Finally, all heads of offices that have completed certain ODA-funded projects last year, are likewise directed to turn over important terminal project documents to OPS-PDED so that arrangements for a possible ex-post evaluation and/or sustainability monitoring can be made, as well as for custodial purposes.
8. Please be guided accordingly.


                                                                                                   ANDREW B. GONZALES, FSC


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