DO 10, s. 2001 – On Simple and Austere Graduation Rites

March 1, 2001
DO 10, s. 2001
On Simple and Austere Graduation Rites
To:   Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents/District Supervisors
Public Elementary and Secondary School Principals
Private Elementary and Secondary School Principals

1.  In line with the government’s austerity program, we wish to reiterate the Department’s policy on simple and austere school activities regarding the holding of inexpensive but meaningful graduation rites. School heads are reminded to observe the following:
a.  Contributions for graduations should be minimized and should not exceed PI50.00. Parents should be informed about the use of any contributions for graduation. In private schools, contributions may vary from school to school and may be allowed only in consultation with the PTA.
b.  Graduation exercises must be held in the school grounds and graduation balls compelling graduating students to participate and contribute excessive amounts are discouraged.
c.  No extravagant special attire should be required; school uniforms may be used for graduation rites. Any use of togas should be passed on at cost.
d.  The annual yearbook should likewise be discouraged or be considered non- obligatory.
2.  Immediate dissemination and compliance of this Order is directed.




DECS Order: No. 14, s. 2000

Allotment: 1-(D.O, 50-97)

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