DO 56, s. 2001 – Policy on Educational Field Trips

December 20, 2001
DO 56, s. 2001
Policy on Educational Field Trips
To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division/City Superintendents
Public Elementary and Secondary School Principals
In view of queries on the holding of field trips by public schools in the light of the  policy  of  no  collection  of  fees  during  enrollment,  the  following  clarification is being made:
1.  This Office has not issued any circular banning the holding of educational field trips by public schools.
2.  Educational field trips can supplement classroom instruction. But this depends on the places visited, i.e. cultural, historical and scientific interest such as the National Museum, Museo Pambata, provincial/local museums, Science Centrum, Planetarium, zoological/botanical gardens, historical sites/shrines, model manufacturing or technological firms or scientific sites.
3.  Recognizing, however that such trips involve certain monetary costs which may be unaffordable to students coming from poor families and who therefore are not able to join, teachers should refrain from conducting tests based on these field trips. Should it be decided that tests will be held based on these field trips, students who were unable to join such trips should not be penalized; they shall be given special tests or assignments as substitutes for not joining the field trip.
4.  School heads are encouraged to tap external sources such as local government units, civic organizations and PTCAs to help fund educational field trips and arrange for group or student discounts in order to reduce the burden on students.
5.  Those responsible for organizing the field trips should secure the consent of parents for their children to join the field trip since the children are under the stewardship of the school.


6.  Educational field trips should never be used to generate income for the school or   for school officials/teachers organizing them. Students should only be charged for actual costs for transportation, entrance fees and related expenses.
Immediate and wide dissemination of the foregoing clarification is hereby directed.




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