DO 1, s. 2002 – Rules on Teacher and Student Uniform

January 30, 2002
DO 1, s. 2002
Rules on Teacher and Student Uniform
To : Undersecretaries/Assistant Secretaries
Bureau/Service/Center Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division/City Superintendents

1.  As part of empowering the school principal, uniforms for teachers for School Year commencing June 2002 may be prescribed by the principal/school head/administrator after consultation with the teachers. Each high school or elementary school is encouraged to design its own uniform. This will encourage creativity, esprit de corps and school identification. Each school may choose its own color and reasonably priced textile for the teacher’s uniform.Alternatively, a school may, instead of prescribing a teacher’s uniform, decide on merely setting norms for proper school attire. In either case the decision on the teacher’s uniform or proper school attire should be guided by the desire to uphold
the dignity of the teachers as a professional and civil servant.

2.  For the same reasons, the principal/school head/administrator after consultation with the group heads, may prescribe the uniform of the school children. For boys, the pairs of pants shall be colored blue or khaki. For girls, an appropriate decent     skirt or a similarly colored long pair of pants shall be selected. No specific textile shall be required.The shirts/blouses shall have a common color and shall carry the appropriate identification of the school. T-shirts and/or cotton short-sleeved polo shirts or blouses with appropriate school identification shall be allowed.

3.  The clothing allowance for CY 2002 shall continue to be released directly in cash to all DepEd personnel. Decisions on how and where to procure the teacher’s uniform or school attire shall be left to the individual teacher or school personnel.

For immediate dissemination and compliance.
                                                                                        RAUL S. ROCO
DECS Order No. 66, s. 1997
Allotment: 1–(D.0.50-97)
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