DO 7, s. 2002 – Creation of the Curriculum Support Desk in the Central Office for the Implementation of the Restructured Basic Education Curriculum (BEC)

March 1, 2002
DO 7, s. 2002
Creation of the Curriculum Support Desk in the Central Office for the Implementation of the Restructured Basic Education Curriculum (BEC)
TO:  Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Heads of Bureaus/Centers/Offices
Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
Public Elementary and Secondary School Principals/Head Teachers/TICs
Public School Teachers

1.  The implementation of the restructured Basic Education Curriculum (BEG) has entered the operationalization phase. The simultaneous training of the school heads (principals, head teachers and teachers-in-charge) and teachers are to be led by the division superintendents. Central and regional office personnel will provide support.
2.  To ensure coordination and feedback, good communication between the central office and field offices is necessary. Moreover, the support needed by the division offices, school heads and teachers should be provided on a timely basis. To achieve these objectives, a Curriculum Support Desk is created in the Central Office. Its objectives are:
2.1  To monitor the progress of implementation of the restructured BEC;
2.2  To secure and store information/data on the implementation of the restructured BEC on a regular basis;
2.3  To document issues/problems raised and provide immediate feedback;
2.4  To reply to calls from the field on the substance of the restructured BEC and the operational aspects of its Implementation. As such, the Bureaus of Elementary and Secondary Education and the National Educators Academy of the Philippines shall assign personnel knowledgeable on the content and training design, respectively, of the restructured BEC to the Desk to answer in a correct and friendly manner these calls; and,
2.5  To provide decision-makers at all levels verified information so that issues and problems can be addressed.
3.  The Desk shall be headed by Supt. Alma Bella Bautista. She shall report on a weekly basis to the Executive Committee headed by the Secretary on the progress of implementation. For daily coordination and problem-solving on operational matters, she shall report directly to Usec. Ramon C. Bacani and for matters involving content and training, she shall report directly to Usec. Fe A. Hidalgo. She shall work with the Curriculum Reform Committee.
4.  A monitoring board is installed to track down the trend or progress in the implementation of the restructured BEC. This will also serve as the basis for the evaluation of division performance.
5.  As one of the basis for monitoring and evaluation, the division superintendents shall submit weekly to the Desk and to their respective Regional Directors no later than the Friday of each week the following:
5.1  Quantitative and qualitative data on the progress of implementation
5.2  Issues and proposed solutions relative to implementation
5.3  Best practices and innovations in training and operationalizationThis shall be the frequency from March until end of June 2002 after which reports will be submitted on a monthly basis.
6.  The Desk may be contacted at telephone nos. 636-16-63/638-86-41 or trunkline nos. 632-13-61 to 71 loc. 2037, 2004 and 2005 and telefax 636-48-79.
7.  For immediate dissemination and compliance.

o:DepEd Order/DepEd Order Desk/2.28.02

DepEd Memoranda: Nos. 1 and 20, s. 2002

Allotment: 1- (D.O. 50-97)

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