DO 34, s. 2002 – Different Textbook titles in the Classroom

August 14, 2002
DO 34, s. 2002
Different Textbook titles in the Classroom
To: Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
School Principals

1.  The Department of Education takes cognizance of the issue raised in the MANCOM Strategic Planning held on January 3-5, 2002 in Baguio City on the use of different titles of textbooks in one classroom in some schools.
2.  During the said MANCOM meeting, the recommendation was to authorize the Schools Division Superintendents to collect and redistribute the concerned titles to the appropriate recipients. This is to ensure that no single classroom uses more than one textbook title for any year level.
3.  Thus, this Department reiterates the effectivity of an unnumbered Memorandum dated May 16, to wit:
That all regional/division/district/school officials should ensure that the same textbook titles are used within a given class for each subject where these textbooks are available (i.e., there should be no instance where any class uses more than one textbook title in any particular subject; it is still possible within the same school that one (1) class will use title A, while another class in the same school will use title B in a specific subject and grade level).
4.  In the event that different titles are issued to neighboring schools, it is suggested that arrangements be made for these schools to exchange titles so that each one can have access to the same title. Property accountability for such transfer or exchange shall be done by securing a new Memorandum Receipt. In such instances, the Division Office shall be notified by the schools concerned through the DO Supply Officer.
5.  For immediate dissemination and strict compliance.


Allotment: 1—(D.O. 50-97)

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