DO 37, s. 2002 – Operationalization of the DepEd and JICA Cooperation on “Strengthening of Continuing School-Based Inset for Science and Mathematics Teachers”

August 23, 2002
DO 37, s. 2002
Operationalization of the DepEd and JICA Cooperation on “Strengthening of Continuing School-Based Inset for Science and Mathematics Teachers”

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau/Center Directors
Regional Directors of Region V, VI, VII

1.  As part of the overall national development agenda to improve the delivery of quality basic education, particularly science and mathematics education, the cooperation between the DepEd and JICA on “Strengthening of Continuing School-Based INSET for Science and Mathematics Teacher,” is hereby operationalized. (Annex 1)
2.  Specifically, JICA support will cover Regions V, VI, VII and XI and will be implemented over a period of three (3) years, i.e. April 2002 to April 2005. However, no JICA personnel will be dispatched to Region XI.
3.  The Strengthening of Continuing School-Based INSET for Science and Mathematics Teachers, which is partly funded by a grant from the government of Japan through JICA will basically support the restructured Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) with Science and Mathematics as priority areas. Specifically, it aims to upgrade teaching skills and deepen understanding of subject matter content in science and mathematics through school-based INSET in Regions V, VI, VII and XI.
4.  A Project Steering Committee (PSC) is hereby constituted to provide top- level policy guidance and program directions. The PSC will be tasked primarily to recommend to the DepEd Secretary who is concurrently the Project Director, project-specific strategies and policies that will strengthen project governance. The PSC will be chaired by the DepEd Undersecretary for Programs and Projects with membership from collaborating agencies (see list in Annex 2). It will report to the Secretary/Project Director on a quarterly basis or as needed.
5.  The overall project coordination shall be the responsibility of the Central Project Management Team (CPMT). The CPMT which shall be headed by the Director of NEAP will be supported by the technical staff from SDD-
HRDS, BSE and BEE and three contractual personnel who will be hired using the approved project budget from the national government. It shall be responsible for liaising with JICA and national government agencies. It shall cause the transfer of project funds from the national government to the project regions, as appropriate, and the preparation of overall project monitoring and evaluation reports. It shall report regularly to Project Steering Committee.
6.  A Regional Project Management Team (RPMT) shall be organized in Region V, VI, VII and XI. The RPMT will provide advice to CPMT on region specific policies/strategies affecting project implementation. The RPMT will be chaired by the respective Assistant Regional Directors with the Regional Science and Math Supervisors (both elementary and secondary levels) as members.
7.  A Division Project Management Team (DPMT) shall also be organized as soon as the divisions to be covered by the project will be identified prior to the actual implementation of the SBTP. The DPMT will provide advice to RPMT on division specific policies/strategies affecting project implementation within the division. The DPMT will be chaired by the respective Assistant Schools Division Superintendents with the Division Science and Math Supervisors as members.
8.  The officials and staff indicated in Annex 3 are hereby designated as lead/members of the PMTs at the central and regional levels and shall perform project-related work in concurrent capacity.
9.  All concerned are enjoined to extend assistance and full cooperation.
10.  For immediate compliance and dissemination.

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