DO 14, s. 2003 – 2003 Graduation Rites

March 12, 2003
DO 14, s. 2003
2003 Graduation Rites

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
School Superintendents/District Supervisors
Heads, Public and Private Elementary and Secondary Schools

  1. The theme of the 2003 Graduation Rites shall focus on Nation Building through Quality Education.
  2. In line with the government’s austerity program, this Office reiterates the Department’s policy on the collection of fees for graduation rites. School heads are reminded to observe the following:
    1. Public Schools are not allowed to collect compulsory contributions for graduation rites.
    2. PTA/PTCA’s may solicit voluntary contributions from their members for graduation ceremonies and celebrations. Their members should be informed about the use of any contributions for graduation.
    3. No extravagant special attire or extraordinary venue for the ceremonies should be required.
    4. Collections for the annual yearbook should likewise be on a voluntary basis.
  3. The pinning of the symbolic pin by the President of the PTA/PTCA shall be part of the graduation program in April 2003 as stated in DepEd Memorandum No. 29, s. 2003.
  4. Strict compliance with this Order is directed.

References: DepEd Order: No. 3, s. 2002
DepEd Memorandum: (No. 29, s. 2003)
Allotment: 1—(D.O. 50-97)

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