DO 88, s. 2003 – The Textbook Exchange Program

December 15, 2003
DO 88, s. 2003
The Textbook Exchange Program

To: Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
Division Supply Officers
Principals/School Heads
School Property Custodians
All Others Concerned

  1. This DepED Order pertains to the conduct of a Textbook Exchange Program which aims to eradicate the multiple textbook situation in schools so that students use the same textbook titles in the classrooms, flush out unused or surplus textbooks in school, district and division warehouses and directly impact on textbook shortage nationwide.
  2. The textbook exchange shall be done in three levels: school-to-school, within a division, and within a region. Refer to Enclosure No. 1 for the Goals and Objectives and the mechanics of the program and Enclosure No. 2 for the guidelines on the implementation of the textbook exchange for each level.
  3. Starting January 2004, principals are enjoined to identify unused or surplus textbooks they have no use for and are prepared to surrender to the Textbook Exchange Program, prepare and submit to the district supervisor the list of the identified textbooks on a per title and grade/year level indicating the number of textbooks per title.
  4. District Supervisors (DS) shall consolidate the list of textbook titles submitted by the principals, communicate the list to the schools in the district, supervise the conduct of the exchange, and ensure that required documentations to transfer accountability of the textbooks are duly accomplished.
  5. Division Superintendents shall manage and supervise the textbook exchange within the division. In preparation for the actual exchange, the DS shall instruct the Division Supply Officer (DSO) to prepare part of the division warehouse to be used for the exchange and assign an inventory clerk and an assistant to prepare textbook inventories before and after the exchange. Based on the number of textbooks to be exchanged at the division level, the DS shall hire on a per day basis college students or graduates in the community or shall coordinate with colleges and universities for on-the-job training of students or for community service in lieu of ROTC, who will sort and pack the textbooks by title and grade/year level.
  6. The inventory clerk shall summarize the textbook inventory by title and submit this to the DSO who will communicate it to the Instructional Materials Council Secretariat (IMCS).
  7. The DSO shall submit consolidated orders and list of recipient schools to the IMCS which shall prepare a national inventory of textbooks per division, per region, and per zone.
  8. The IMCS shall prepare Order Forms (Enclosure 3) to be disseminated to the schools within a Division, disseminate information to concerned schools on available titles, and receive orders from schools and refer these to the nearest Division warehouse with the available title(s). If the program runs out of specific titles for a given subject, IMCS will inform the school concerned and inquires if it desires another title.
  9. If there are titles not exchanged at the Division level, the list of available titles is communicated to the schools within a region.
  10. All textbook exchanges shall be completed before the opening of classes for SY 2004-2005.
  11. For any query or clarifications, please contact the DepED-IMCS Procurement Monitoring Division (Attention: Ms. Carol Rivera or Engr. Benjamin Cabumay) at tel. nos. 634-0901 or telefax no. 634-1072 or at cell phone numbers 0918- 9204853 or 0916-7612198.
  12. For strict compliance and dissemination to all concerned.

Encls.: As stated
Reference: None
Allotment: 1—(D.O. 50-97)

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