DO 7, s. 2004 – Ensuring Accountability for and Safety of School Donations

February 17, 2004
DO 7, s. 2004
Ensuring Accountability for and Safety of School Donations

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division/City Superintendents

  1. The Department of Education (DepED) urges all school administrators to institute and practice measures necessary to safeguard donated goods and equipment made under the Adopt-a- School Program.
  2. To ensure the proper accounting and safety of the donations and extend their use for instructional purposes, beneficiary schools are required to observe the following :
    1. Donated equipment such as TV, DVD and computer sets must be placed in a secured room where windows have iron grills and doors have heavy-duty locks. Likewise, security personnel are obliged to guard the donated goods, apart from other valuable properties of the school.
    2. Transfer and accountability of the donated items from the adopting private entity (donor) to the beneficiary school (donee) as represented by the school principal must be practiced. A beneficiary school is required to provide the Division Office copies of the Deed of Donation and Memorandum of Agreement to facilitate the recording of the property in the Book of Accounts.
    3. The school principal accountable for the supervision of any donated equipment is required to give notice/report of loss to the Division Office or to the Adopt-a-School Program Secretariat-Central Office, immediately upon the occurrence of the loss or within ten working days from the time the untoward incident took place.
    4. A school principal accountable for the donated property shall be liable for its money value in case of loss, damage or deterioration of the equipment due to negligence, whether donations were acquired during his/her term or not.
  3. The Regional Offices through the Division Offices will monitor the practice of the abovecited measures to ensure< safety of the donations entrusted to the schools by adopting private entities.
  4. Immediate dissemination of the Order is directed.

Allotment 1—(D.O.50-97)

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