DO 5, s. 2005 – Student Assessments at the National and Division Levels of Basic Education

February 8, 2005
DO 5, s. 2005
Student Assessments at the National and Division Levels of Basic Education

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division/City Superintendents
Heads, Public Secondary Schools

  1. Recognizing the vital role that testing or “assessment” plays in education, this Department will conduct national student assessments for the following purposes: monitor the public education system and schools for public accountability; help provide information to better identify instructional practices; measure student achievement; and evaluate students’ mastery skills.
  2. Since test results are often a major force in shaping perception about the quality of the schools, the following assessments shall be done at the national and division levels:National Level
    1. A national testing of Grade Six and Fourth Year high school learners shall be conducted starting in 2005. These tests are similar to the NEAT and NSAT;
    2. Sixth graders and High School Seniors shall be tested one week before the final examinations beginning 2005. The National Education and Testing Research Center (NETRC), with the assistance of the elementary and secondary school officials, shall administer these tests;
    3. The subjects to be assessed in Grade Six and Fourth Year are: English, Filipino, Science, Mathematics and Araling Panlipunan. Selected response tests shall be given to the total population while constructed response tests, e.g. essay, shall be given only to a sample;
    4. For CY 2005, Achievement Tests for first Year and Third Year High School shall be administered on April 6 and 7, respectively. The Achievement Test for First Year aims to determine the competencies acquired by students under the Regular and Bridge Program. The Achievement Test for Third Year is part of the Longitudinal Study of the Restructured Basic Education Curriculum. Likewise, for the Pilot Study on Early Child A Reader Program (ECARP), the following Reading Tests for Grade Two will be administered
      1) oral and written Reading Tests to a sample population by NETRC; and
      2) an International Reading Test using computer aided testing to areas not covered by the NETRC Reading Test, also to a sampled population; and
    5. The learning competencies to be measured by subject area and the guidelines in the conduct of the assessments, utilization of test results, delivery and retrieval of test materials will be discussed in an orientation conference one month before the administration of the test.

    Division Level

    1. A Diagnostic Test for Grade Four shall be developed by the divisions to be administered to the schools beginning school year 2005-2006. No other test shall be administered by the region, division and district offices (census or sampling) without prior approval of the Secretary of Education;
    2. Regional Supervisors shall supervise the preparation/development of the Diagnostic Test, administration of the test, and the utilization of the test results to improve learning outcomes; and
    3. The Regional/Division Tests and the National Diagnostic Tests for Grade Four previously administered by NETRC from 2002-2004, copies of which were deposited in the schools/division, can also be utilized for the coming school year.
  3. Wide dissemination of and compliance with this Order is directed.

References: DepED Memorandum: Nos. 22, 150, 274, 220, s. 2003 and 37, 236, s. 2004 and DECS Order No. 58, s. 2001
Allotment: 1–(D.O. 50-97)

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