DO 21, s. 2005 – Adoptive Measures in the Transfer of Teachers from One Station to Another

May 4, 2005
DO 21, s. 2005
Adoptive Measures in the Transfer of Teachers from One Station to Another

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau/Service/Center Directors
DepED Regional Directors
DepED-ARMM Regional Secretary
Schools Division Superintendents
School Heads

  1. The BEIS Teacher Deployment Analysis for three consecutive schoolyears starting 2002-2003 consistently reveals imbalances in the deployment of public school teachers. Despite the issuance of DepED Order 50. s. 2003 re Adoptive Measures in Filling-up Vacant Teaching Positions, the situation has not improved significantly. There are still a big number of “cool colored” schools, i.e., those with pupil-teacher ratio (PTR) of less than 40:1 while at the same time, there remain many “red” and “black” schools.
  2. Inasmuch as there is a limited number of new teaching positions approved in FY 2005 and considering that there are about 30,777 teacher items required to at least reduce the PTR to 45:1, transfer of teachers from one station to another shall be implemented before the new Teacher I items for the current year are deployed.
  3. Provision II. Sec. 6 of R.A. 4670, otherwise known as “The Magna Carta for Public School Teachers”, states that “where the exigencies of the service require the transfer of a teacher from one station to another, such transfer may be effected by the schools division superintendent who shall previously notify the teacher concerned of the transfer and the reason(s) therefor”.
  4. While efforts shall be exhausted to secure the consent of a teacher to be transferred, there are certain conditions which can validly be considered as “in the
    exigency of the service” and transfers may be made even without the consent of the teacher. These include the following:

    1. when the pupil-teacher ratio of the school is below 35:1 for elementary and 40:1 for secondary level;
    2. when there is a considerable decrease in enrolment in certain schools arising from evacuation due to armed conflict, national disasters, resettlement of families, closure of large private firms in the area;
    3. when the teacher is declared excess by the principal/school head and his/her expertise/area of specialization is needed in another school/district/division.
  5. In the event that transfer of teachers shall be implemented, the following may serve as a guide in the decision on whom to transfer:
    1. Teachers who were last to be hired (Last in, First out)
    2. Non-residents of the barangay or municipality where the school is located
    3. Residents of the barangay or municipality of the proposed recipient school
    4. Secondary school teachers teaching subjects other than their areas of specialization
    5. Performance rating
  6. On the other hand, the following situations should be given priority when teachers are seeking transfer to another station which is in need of additional teachers:
    1. teachers have served for more than 5 years outside their home barangay/ municipality;
    2. the teacher is a bonafide resident of the barangay, municipality, city or province where the recipient school is located (R.A. 8190, Localization Law);
    3. the teacher is joining his/her husband/wife in the same school (R.A. 4670);
    4. she is a nursing mother (PD 603, Child and Youth Welfare Code);
    5. ones life would be endangered due to existing peace and order situation and
    6. he/she is in poor health condition.
  7. Every School Head must send to the Division Office a letter acknowledging receipt of the DepED Order including the date of receipt and committing to comply with its provision.
  8. Immediate dissemination of and strict compliance with this Order is mandated.

Reference: None
Allotment: 1—(D.O. 50-97)

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