DO 23, s. 2005 – Monitoring and Reporting of DepED’s Impementation of the President’s 10-Point Agenda, Otherwise Known as the “Education for All” under the “Beat the Odds” Program

May 20, 2005
DO 23, s. 2005
Monitoring and Reporting of DepED’s Impementation of the President’s 10-Point Agenda, Otherwise Known as the “Education for All” under the “Beat the Odds” Program

To: Undersecretaries and Assistant Secretaries
Bureau/Region/Center Directors
Heads of Offices/Services
Schools Divisions Superintendents

  1. In support of the present Administration’s desire to accelerate the country’s development under the Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan 2004-2010, all DepED Offices and schools are herein advised to prioritize the implementation of programs, projects and activities directly supportive of the same.
  2. To ensure a smooth coordination of the different 10-Point Agenda Items above-cited, Undersecretary Ramon C. Bacani is herein designated as its Overall Program Coordinator and the following are likewise designated as Focal Persons for the specific projects/ components shown opposite their names, to wit:
    Focal Person Project Components Contact
    Dr. Teresita G. Inciong, BEE
    Alternate: Ms. Angelita Esdicul
    Early Childhood Education, English and Reading Programs (02) 633-7270
    (02) 637-4346
    Dr. Lolita B. Andrada, BSE
    Alternate: (To be identified)
    GASTPE, Science and Math Education (02) 633-7242
    (02) 636-5173
    Mr. Jesus Huenda, BSE
    Alternate: (To be identified)
    Computerization (02) 632-7746
    Engr. Oliver Hernandez, PFSED-OPS Alternate: Engr. Annabelle Ramos Classrooms and Desks (02) 633-7263 (02)638-7101
    ASEC Lilia Z.. Roces
    Alternate: Ms. Zaida Briones
    Teachers, Principals and Other Non­teaching Items (02) 637-6204
    (02) 633-7257
    Dir. Socorro Pilor, IMCS
    Alternate: Ms. Carol Rivera
    Textbooks and Other Print Instructional Materials (02) 634-1072
    (02) 634-0901
  3. The Focal Persons above listed shall be responsible for, among others, coming up with a consolidated report for the items assigned to them on a monthly basis which shall become due every 3rd Thursday of each month, and to attend meetings with the Office of the President-National Anti-Poverty Commission every last Thursday of each month beginning May 2005, as may become necessary. The consolidated report shall contain implementation progress accomplished by DepED and non-DepED offices relative to the different components listed, including implementation problems encountered involving other agencies and actions taken to resolve matters.
  4. To assist Undersecretary Bacani in the discharge of his functions, the Planning & Programming Division of the Office of Planning Service, c/o Ms. Milagros T. Talinio, is herein mobilized to provide secretariat support. Its contact numbers are as follows: (02) 633-7216; fax (02) 638-8634 and email address at PPD-OPS shall take care of consolidating all project/component submissions and of onward submission and coordination with the Office of the President and/or the NAPC Secretariat for matters relating to the implementation of the President’s 10-Point Agenda.
  5. For strict compliance.

Reference: None
Allotment: 1–(D.O. 50-97)

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