DO 29, s. 2005 – Focusing the Roles and Functions of Division Supervisors Towards Improved Educational Outcomes

June 3, 2005
DO 29, s. 2005
Focusing the Roles and Functions of Division Supervisors Towards Improved Educational Outcomes

To: Undersecretaries/Assistant Secretaries
Regional/Bureau/Center/Service Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
Division Supervisors

The analysis of the current educational crisis points to the need for focusing greater attention to the first three grades of elementary education to be able to provide the basic reading and numeracy skills during this period and, at the same time, promote better retention of pupils. The strong foundation expected to be laid at this stage of schooling will facilitate the learning of the other subjects in the succeeding years of elementary and secondary education.

Schools division offices, being the primary support structure in school operations and exercising direct administrative supervision over schools, must align their functions and activities towards addressing the urgent problems at the school level. Accordingly the division’s academic personnel, specifically the division supervisors shall be assigned to meet the technical manpower requirements for performing such problem-oriented functions and activities.

In the assignment of the division supervisors, specific personnel shall be responsible for each of the first three grades of elementary education. They shall cover all the subject areas in their assigned grade level. They shall relate with division supervisors assigned to the other grade levels to ensure that each grade level and the subjects within each grade level serve as building blocks to the development of basic reading and numeracy skills in the first three grades. They shall also conduct action research to identify effective interventions for developing these skills.

The other division supervisors shall be assigned by subject area which shall cover from Grade IV to 4th Year High School. Their instructional supervision activities shall aim at developing subject-specific competencies among students in these grade and year levels.

Schools division superintendents are hereby directed to modify the current assignments of their complement of division supervisors in accordance with these guidelines. They shall submit to their respective Regional Directors the schedule of assignments of their division supervisors. The submission must be accompanied by a certification that this DepEd Order was disseminated to the division personnel particularly division supervisors and that the division supervisors were consulted on their proposed grade/subject area assignments.

For immediate dissemination and strict compliance.

Allotment: 1 – – (D.O. 50-97)
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