DO 33, s. 2005 – Grant of Educational Assistance for FY 2005

June 16, 2005
DO 33, s. 2005
Grant of Educational Assistance for FY 2005

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Directors of Services/Centers and Heads of Units
Regional Directors
Chiefs of Divisions

  1. Pursuant to DBM Budget Circular No. 2005-3, copy enclosed, implementing Administrative Order No. 120 dated June 7, 2005, all government employees shall be entitled to the Educational Assistance (EA) as a one-time financial assistance to government personnel.
  2. In this connection, all DepED officials and employees under permanent, temporary or casual status, including contractual personnel whose employment is in the nature of a regular employee, whose salaries/wages are charged to the budgetary allocation under personal services and were under the following instances and were still in the service as of May 31, 2005 are entitled to receive the EA in the amount of One Thousand Pesos (PhPl ,000.00):
    1. those who have rendered at least a total or an aggregate of four (4) months of service including leaves of absence with pay; and
    2. those who are on approved leave without pay but have rendered at least a total or an aggregate of four (4) months of service provided they are not yet dropped from the rolls.
  3. Those who have rendered less than four (4) months of service shall be entitled to the grant of EA on a pro-rated basis, as follows:
    Length of Service Percentage
    3 months but less than 4 months 40%
    2 months but less than 3 months 30%
    1 month but less than 2 months 20%
    Less than 1 month 10%
  4. DepED officials and employees who are under the following instances as of May 31,2005 are not entitled to said benefits:
    1. those who were absent without leave (AWOL);
    2. those who were no longer in the service due to retirement/resignation/separation/death or for whatever reasons;
    3. those who were hired not as part of the organic manpower of DepED; and
    4. those who were formally charged with administrative or criminal cases which relate to facts of omissions in connection with their official duties and functions and guilty in the year the decision was handed down. If the penalty meted out is only a reprimand, however, said employee is entitled to receive said benefits.
  5. The general policies, pertinent rules and regulations and funding sources/guidelines provided in said DBM Circular shall be strictly complied with.
  6. Immediate dissemination of and compliance with this Order is directed.

As stated
Allotment: 1—(D.O. 50-97)

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