DO 11, s. 2006 – Muslim Holidays

March 7, 2006
DO 11, s. 2006
Muslim Holidays

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Directors of Services, Centers and Heads of Units
Regional Directors
Schools/City Division Superintendents
Heads, Public and Private Elementary and Secondary Schools
Chiefs of Divisions

  1. Pursuant to Articles 169-172 of Presidential Decree No. 1083, “A Decree to Ordain and Promulgate a Code Recognizing the System of Filipino Muslim Laws, Codifying Muslim Personal Laws, and Providing for Its Administration and for Other Purposes”, the Department shall observe the following provisions:1.1 Article 169 on Official Muslim Holidays states that the following dates are hereby recognized as Legal Muslim Holidays:
    1. ‘Amun Jadid (New Year, which falls on the first day of the first lunar month of Muharram);
    2. Maulid-un-Nabi (birthday of the Prophet Muhammad), which falls on the twelfth day of the third lunar month of Rabi-ul-Awwal);
    3. Lailatul Isra Wal Mi’raj (Nocturnal Journey and Ascencion of the Prophet Muhammas), which falls on the twenty-seventh day of the seventh lunar month of Rajab);
    4. “Id-ul-Fitr (Hari Raya Pausa, which falls on the first day of the tenth lunar month of Shawwal, commemorating the end of the fasting season; and
    5. ‘Id-ul-Adha Hari Raja Haji, which falls on the tenth day of the twelfth lunar month of Dhu 1 -Hijja-

    1.2 The following provinces and cities (Article 170) shall observe the Legal
    Muslim Holidays:

    1. Basilan, Lanao del Norte, Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao, North Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi, Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga del Sur, and in the Cities of Cotabato, Iligan, Marawi, Pagadian, and Zamboanga and in such other Muslim provinces and cities as may hereafter be created; and
    2. Upon proclamation by the President of the Philippines, Muslim Holidays may also be officially observed in other provinces and cities.

    1.3 Article 171 states that dates of Muslim Holidays shall be determined by the Office of the President of the Philippines in accordance with the Muslim Lunar Calendar (Hijra); and

    1.4 Article 172 states Muslim employees shall observe the following:

    1. All Muslim government officials and employees in places other than those enumerated under Article 172 shall also be excused from reporting to office in order that they may be able to observe Muslim Holidays; and
    2. The President of the Philippines may, by proclamation, require private offices, agencies or establishments to excuse their Muslim employees from reporting for work during a Muslim Holiday without reduction in their usual compensation.”
  2. In view thereof, all DepED offices are directed to comply with the above mentioned law, to allow Muslim officials and employees of DepED to observe the Muslim holidays.
  3. Immediate dissemination of and compliance with this Order is directed.

Reference: None Allotment: 1—(D.O. 50-97)

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