DO 33, s. 2006 – Regular Annual Collection and Processing of Formal Basic Education Data

July 31, 2006
DO 33, s. 2006
Regular Annual Collection and Processing of Formal Basic Education Data

To: Regional Directors
Regional Secretary – DepED ARMM
Schools Division/City Superintendents
Heads, Public and Private Elementary and Secondary Schools

  1. The annual statistical activities of the Department start this school year with the distribution and collection of the data gathering forms designed for electronic processing using the Basic Education Information System (BEIS).
  2. The BEIS data gathering forms covering SY 2006-2007 consist of the following:
    1. Government Elementary School Profile
    2. Government Secondary School Profile
    3. Private School Profile (for private elementary and secondary schools)
    4. The data gathering forms have been revised to include additional data requirements on Madrasah education and Indigenous Peoples and age profile for pre-school.
  3. The heads of the regional and divisional planning units shall jointly undertake the distribution, collection and processing of the accomplished forms. Funds for the printing and reproduction of the forms shall be transferred directly to the division offices to expedite the data collection activity.
  4. The cut-off date for the Government Elementary and Secondary School Profile and Private School Profile remains as is, August 31. Enclosed are the forms.
  5. District supervisors and heads of public elementary schools, secondary school principals, vocational school administrators and heads of private schools offering elementary and/or secondary education shall be held responsible and accountable for the prompt, complete and accurate filling up of the BEIS forms. They shall likewise be responsible for the submission of the duly accomplished forms to their respective division offices on or before September 30, 2006. The division planning units should be responsible for the complete and prompt retrieval of accomplished private schools profiles for onward submission to the Planning Service.
  6. The regional directors, schools division superintendents, district supervisors and school heads are advised to implement rigid validation procedures to ensure the completeness, accuracy and reliability of the data. These concerned field officials shall be held responsible and accountable for any inaccuracy or false data reported. The Central Office through the OPS undertake a rigorous system of spot checking and validation at the central and field levels. Administrative sanctions shall be imposed on those officials who deliberately report false or inaccurate data.
  7. The division offices shall electronically process the public elementary and secondary schools profiles to produce the following outputs and shall submit the same on the following dates to their respective regional offices:
    Outputs (electronic copy)                      Date
    BEIS Quick Counts (Module 1)             End of October 2006
    BEIS Schools Statistics (Module 2)      End of January 2007
  8. The Regional Offices shall consolidate the division offices outputs for onward submission to the Research & Statistics Division (RSD), Office of Planning Service (OPS) on the following dates:
    Outputs (electronic copy)                      Date
    BEIS Quick Counts (Module 1)             End of November 2006
    BEIS Schools Statistics (Module 2)      End of February 2007
  9. The RSD-OPS shall then consolidate and produce the various levels of disaggregation for dissemination.
    Outputs (electronic copy)                      Date
    BEIS Quick Counts (Module 1)             End of December 2006
    BEIS Schools Statistics (Module 2)      End of March 2007
  10. Upon the completion of the Module 2, the processing of the BEIS Performance Indicators (Module 3) in various levels of disaggregation commences. The field offices will then be provided with the final electronic copy of the said module by end of April
  11. The DepED Statistical Bulletin shall then be published by end of August 2007.
  12. Full attention and strict compliance with this Order is earnestly requested of all concerned to ensure the successful implementation of this annual statistical activity.
  13. This order supersedes previous DepED Order regarding annual collection and processing of basic education data.

As stated
DepED Order: No. 36, s. 2005
Allotment: 1—(D.O. 50-97)

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