DO 13, s. 2007 – Reorganizing the Deped Special Committee on Scholarships for Local and Foreign Grants Amended by

February 27, 2007
DO 13, s. 2007
Reorganizing the Deped Special Committee on Scholarships for Local and Foreign Grants

To : Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau of Directors
Regional Directors
Directors of Services/Centers and Heads of Units
Schools Division/City Superintendents

  1. Pursuant to the Civil Service Rules and Regulations and EO 402 dated 24 January 2005 entitled “Abolishing the Special Committee on Scholarships and the Transferring its Scholarship Functions to the DepEd, CHED and TESDA”, the DepEd Special Committee on Scholarship is hereby reorganized to constitute the following:
    Co-Chairs – USEC for Finance and Administration, and
    USEC Programs and Projects
    Members – NEAP Director
    Chief, Personnel Division
    Chief, SDD-HRDS
    Chief, SDD BEE
    Chief, SDD-BSE
    Representative from the Office of the Secretary
  2. The Committee is tasked with the following:
    – Lead the effort to proactively search for and tap scholarship opportunities both local and abroad, that would benefit the huge number of employees;
    – Disseminate these opportunities as widely as possible to all levels of the DepED organization including its attached entities;
    – Screen and recommend nominees for scholarship grants, study tours and the like;
    – Lead in the efficient administration of these scholarship grants (including degree and non-degree courses); and
    – Recommend internal policies and procedures concerning scholarship availment, scholars’ benefits and entitlements, return service obligations application for extension and other related policies.
  3. The Co-Chairs will take turns in chairing the committee deliberation based on the scholarship program being deliberated upon, i.e. the Undersecretary for Finance and Administration will chair during deliberations of non-teaching scholarship programs and the Undersecretary for Programs and Projects will chair during deliberations of teacher scholarship programs.
  4. A Joint Scholarship Secretariat shall be organized and headed by the Assistant Secretary for Programs and Projects, from out of the staff from that Office, and from the Human Resource Development Service. The Secretariat shall attend to other details of the Committee, e.g. disseminating announcements/invitations, follow-up of applications / nominations, coordination with universities / institutions, regional and division offices for contracts and other arrangements, and management of scholarship database.
  5. This Order takes effect immediately.

Reference: Unnumbered Memo dated 16 January 2007
Allotment: 1 – (D.O. 50-97)

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