January 29, 2008 DO 7, s. 2008 – Turning Around Low Performance in English: A Priority Program for 2008

January 29, 2008
DO 7, s. 2008
Turning Around Low Performance in English: A Priority Program for 2008

To: Regional and Assistant Regional Directors
Bureau/Center Directors
Schools Division/Assistant Schools Division Superintendents

  1. In the 2006-2007 National Achievement Test (NAT) 1,898 schools in the elementary level and 264 high schools got a Mean Percentage Score (MPS) of 34% and below in English. These are the schools that are categorized as low performing. These are spread in specific divisions in all regions (see Enclosure 1 for the number of low performing schools in English by region).
  2. For 2008, the department shall focus on the low performing schools through the project “TURNING AROUND LOW PERFORMANCE IN ENGLISH”. The project aims to attain a 5 MPS increase every year starting SY 2007-2008 or 30% increase in MPS of Grade 6 and Year 2 students by 2010. The following strategies and action steps were presented during the December 27, 2007 Cabinet Meeting and approved by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as DepED’s commitment.
    1. Assessment
      1. Teachers English Proficiency Test. This will be administered to all teachers in elementary and secondary levels teaching English, Science and Mathematics and other subjects taught in English
      2. Reading/ English Test – Grade 3 Reading Test
        Grade 6 and Secondary (Yr. 2) NAT English
    2. Intervention Package for Teachers
      1. Training of teachers in: i) oral and written communication, ii) teaching beginning, developmental and remedial reading, iv) communicative language teaching and (v) authentic assessment in communication
      2. Provision of print and non-print teaching – learning materials including lesson exemplars
    3. Intervention Package for Students
      1. Provision of supplementary reading materials
      2. Medical, dental and food for school/feeding assistance
    4. Intervention Package for Schools
      1. Provision of initial library collection
      2. Provision of Speech laboratory – at least one for each division preferably located in a high school
    5. Support Program
      1. Conduct of Read-A-Thon / Summer Reading Camps
      2. Conduct of Search for Best Reading Teacher/s , Best School in Reading
      3. Networking with Adopt-A-School Program, associations, and other NGOs augment/update library collection and conduct of local read-a-thon, summer reading camps, and acquisition of ICT based teaching learning materials
      4. Conduct regular monitoring, evaluation and provision of technical assistance
    6. Policy Enhancement and Implementation
      1. 1:1 textbook-pupil ratio in English
      2. Scaling-up Every Child-A-Reader-Program (ECARP) best practices and reading models – Beginning, developmental and remedial reading
      3. Provision of library/reading center for schools
  3. All Offices at the central, regional, division and school levels are hereby directed to align their priorities with the Project: Turning Around Low Performance in English” (Project:TURN) including funds needed for the purpose. The 2008 Workplan for the project is attached as Enclosure 2 to serve as guide in prioritizing regional, division and school activities. All divisions and schools concerned shall conduct a planning workshop to agree on specific monthly targets in English, including Science and Mathematics.
  4. All regions concerned are strongly urged to conduct the widest dissemination of this Order to heighten the awareness and accountability of all divisions and schools concerned.
  5. For strict compliance.

Encls.: As stated
References: DepED Memorandum: No. 26, s. 2008 DepED Order No. 15, s, 2007
Allotment. 1—(D.O. 50-97)

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