May 23, 2008 DO 41, s. 2008 – Implementation of CBC, CLM and Instructional Modules for 261 Tech-Voc High Schools

May 23, 2008
DO 41, s. 2008
Implementation of CBC, CLM and Instructional Modules for 261 Tech-Voc High Schools

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Regional Directors
Schools Division/City Superintendents
Public Technical-Vocational High School Administrators/Principals/Heads
All Others Concerned

  1. One of the priority programs of this Department is the Strengthened Technical-Vocational Education Program (STVEP) which aims to provide the tech-voc high school students with relevant and certifiable skills to be able to prepare them in higher learning, world of work or entrepreneurship.
  2. To realize this goal, several interventions were made to prepare the 261 tech-voc high schools in offering their areas of specializations that are relevant to the needs of their students and communities. For the previous months, this Department has conducted series of activities pertaining to enhancing and strengthening the curriculum. Selected principals, teachers and experts were tapped to develop, strengthen and finalize the curriculum for tech-voc high schools in preparation to the 2nd year of implementation of STVEP.
  3. For this purpose, the 261 tech-voc high schools are hereby directed to implement the STVE curriculum and shall abide the following as basis of implementing the STVEP:
    1. Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC);
    2. Conceptual Learning Matrix (CLM); and
    3. Instructional Modules for Students
  4. Copies of the abovementioned shall be presented to the DepED Executive Committee (ExeCom) which in turn shall be distributed to the 261 tech-voc high schools during the Orientation Conference which shall be held on June 3-5, 2008.
  5. The use of the Instructional Materials (IMs) shall be treated as a pilot where an evaluation instrument shall be enclosed to gather feedback on its usability, content, strategies and assessment methods.
  6. In addition, monitoring on the curriculum implementation shall be conducted in September 2008 and February 2009 to thresh out related issues. A Quarterly Report by the tech-voc high school heads shall be submitted to the Division and Regional Supervisors, copy furnished the TVE Task Force Office.
  7. Immediate dissemination of and compliance of this Order is directed.

Allotment: 1—(D.O. 50-97)

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