June 16, 2008 DO 49, s. 2008 – Guidelines on the Utilization of Downloaded Funds for Support to PTCA Organized Preschool Classes for School Year 2008 – 2009





June 16, 2008
DO 49, s. 2008
Guidelines on the Utilization of Downloaded Funds for Support to PTCA Organized Preschool Classes for School Year 2008 – 2009

To : Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
Head of Public Elementary Schools
All Other Concerned

Per Memorandum on Downloading of MOOE and Preschool Program Funds to Schools dated May 14, 2008, funds shall be downloaded to the regions. Utilization of said funds shall follow the guidelines below:

  1. Effective immediately, all PTCA organized classes shall continue to operate. Funding for wages and honorarium of teachers shall come from the Department of Education for SY 2008-2009 and shall be downloaded for the purpose as stipulated in DepEd Memorandum dated May 14, 2008 on “Downloading of MOOE and Preschool Program Funds to Schools”.
  2. Downloaded funds and forthcoming funds from Central Office shall support PTCA Organized Preschool Classes in the form of wages for preschool teachers.
  3. All divisions shall release said funds to specific schools with PTCA Organized Preschool classes upon submission of enrolment list. However, the local government shall continue to fund the LGU initiated preschool classes.
  4. Full-time Preschool Teachers shall be paid P6,000.00 per month handling two classes of at least 25 pupils each. Only 5-year old children are allowed for admission in the preschool classes.
  5. Regular Elementary School Teachers may be allowed to handle PTCA classes in the absence or unavailability of qualified preschool teachers and shall be paid honorarium in the amount of P 2,500.00 per month. However, in no case shall the teacher/s be relieved of school/teaching responsibilities just for this purpose.
  6. A duly notarized contract of service attached as Enclosure 1 between the preschool teacher and DepEd represented by the school administrator shall be approved to warrant appointment and payment of wages and honorarium.
  7. Existing materials, handbook for preschool teachers and workbook for pupils shall be utilized for the PTCA classes.
  8. The divisions shall provide from their MOOE the instructional materials needed by the PTCA preschool classes.
  9. Report of organized PTCA classes shall be submitted to the regions and the central office on or before July 15, 2008 following the attached format (Enclosure 2) in hard and electronic copies. Submission shall be addressed to the following:
  10. All divisions shall submit monthly physical and financial reports, under oath to the Central Office, copy furnished, the Regional Office. The Regional Office and Central Office on the other hand shall monitor the utilization of downloaded funds every month

Encls.: As stated
Reference: None
Allotment: 1—(D.O. 50-97)

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